Dry Bulk Head in a Pamlico 100?


I recently purchased a new Pamlico 100. I REALLY REALLY enjoy this boat, the only drawback is the lack of a dry bulk head. There is a lid on the rear of the boat. Would it be a structral problem (ie take any flex out of the hull that should be there) if I were to install a faom baffle/block to make this a dry storage area?



Did the very same thing with my Dagger

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I wouldn't worry about hull flex, the less the better. Just don't build the bulkhead so tight that it's pushing out on the hull with great force. You'll eventually distort the shape that way.

The standard material for poly-boat bulkheads is Minicel foam (dense, stiff, gray stuff). Take great care measuring the inner contour of your boat; I used a chunk of styrene foam to carve a dummy to the right size and then copied the shape to the Minicel. You can cut Minicel with an electric carving knife, a hand saw if you're steady and hand sand it with high grit paper (say 25-50)

Nothing really adheres well to polyethylene, but a good marine sealer like 3M 5200 will do the job well enough. In my case, I wedged the bulkhead in well, so an inner and outer bead of 5200 was enough to hold it in place and stop leaks. Think of 5200 as tub caulk on steroids. BTW, do NOT use silicon sealer of any kind. It won't stick and will leave a residue that will prevent anything else from sticking to that spot 'till the end of time.

P.S.: VERY IMPORTANT! If you go to the trouble turning your aft compartment into storage/flotation, be sure to add a set of float bags up front. The aft floatation will be all but useless without similar buoyancy up front.


Why not just dry bags
Why not just get seome dry bags or floatation bags and use those for storage and displacement?

Then there is no cutting and worries!


just do it
no worries on flex. use a piece of stiff solder to get the shape right and make a cardboard pattern.

yep 5200 works great.


On the other hand
I agree with flatpick, you don’t have much to lose, go for it. I did not realize that boat had a rear hatch.

After the mods, If it doesn’t fit, yank it out! No harm except the cost.

There are a lot of benefits to a sealed hatch, BUT realistically, with that boat design a dry bag in the stern serves the same purpose with much less work and maybe a few more dollars.

The value in buying dry bags/packs will probably stay with you forever and can be used for other purposes, such as camping canoeing, etc.

Either way, make sure to let us know what you decide and show us pics if you GO FOR IT!