dry cat-bags

I have a Dirago 12, the one withthe hard-shell 6" hatch at the front of the cockpit.

Normally, no porblem, unless I try to shove a bag under deck to the bow, then that stupid box gets in the way.

I am thinking of cutting the plastic depression off, drilling the 6" round hatch free and re-installing the hatch with a flexible cat-bag.

Finding these cheap is a problem. So I was thinking of making one. maybe sewing a 6" cat-bag and waterproofing it or lining it with rubberized cloth?

That way I can still keep my munchies dry but it will be flexible enough to move out of the way when I pack and unpack the bow.

My concern is that I made one from cloth, installed the hatch in my Scrambler SoT and it STILL gets soaked! I made certain to silicon all aroubnd the hatch too.

So I am concerned that I may sacrifice a dry cat-box for a wet cat-bag.

Any ideas, thoughts, suggestions?

I’ve got a Dirigo 140.
I haven’t done it- but, I kicked around the idea of installing a front-bulkhead and a regular hatch.

But, like most of my ideas - I’ll probably never do it. (sheepish grin)

Pay the man

$33 and instructions are online.

Get er done…