Dry gloves with ring seals?????????

I know I know, if they were not expensive and clunky there would be posts on them here, but…

Nordic Blues, Atlas 495’s, Latex gloves by NRS or OS all are wonderful. Yet it would be so great to have the diver’s option of putting them on or removing the glove with a simple twist.

Nordic Blue has a new seal that they say is simple and not too clunky. Is this still just a non-practicle issue and too darned expesnisve to make it something to consider at all?


Dry gloves with ring seals - in use pics
A pool shot and a beach shot:



It’s not too expensive for a diver.

Also, take a look at DUI Zip seals, which work with both gloves and quick replacement wrist and neck seals.

There is an older simpler ring technique that will work with cheap rubber gloves. I’ll ask a friend for details if anyone is interested.


well done
very funny.


Great made my day. Seriously any possibilities. At some point I wonder if not being able to get into or out of these things could in fact become a safety issue.


here is the site
Yes DUI has an awesome product. However, they are known as astronomical price wise. They may also not be willing to sell them as separate items you retrofit and adapt.


Loved the pictures…
…thanks for the laugh. Just wondering how those guys could afford Nordic Blues, or perhaps there is a kayaker or two missing a pair?

the owner of nordic blues
advised me against them. I think youneet an ungloved hand around to seal the last one?

They are hard to seal on your own…
It’s true they can be difficult to seal without help.

When I took my drysuit class, the instructor had new ring gloves on his suit, the type with inner wrist seals. He couldn’t seal the second glove on his own, and apprently did not want to ask us for help, so he began the dive. The water was 39 degrees F and the dive was turned after 2.5 minutes (total dive time 5 minutes). His hand was so cold further dives were canceled.


Say no to rings…
…and anything else that could compromise the seals on your dry suit if it fails. Separate seals on gloves and suit ensure that in the case of a glove seal failure, your dry suit will not be compromised.

surgeon’s method

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I was remembering the method I was shown in my Wilderness First Responder training and it works pretty well here with the Nordic Blues.

If a partner helps, three fingers inside the glove, parnter's palms facing inward providing secure opening.

Solo with your liner shortened so it will not interfere with seal, and AN AQUASEAL ATTACHED WEB TAB, pre-fold back the seal, then insert hand with liner on. Grab Tab, and unfold the seal. Done.