dry pouch for Foretrex 101 GPS

I’m into the details now, and there’s so many of them.

I don’t trust the Fortrex 101 to stay whater tight. For those with similar skepticism, in what do you store your GPS?

Can you recommend a good water tight pouch? I’d like to teather the pouch to my PFD, be able to read the GPS through the pouch, and ideally be able to press the buttons (located on the bottom of the GPS) through the pouch.


Paul S.


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Click Sizing then Handheld gps

Pager Case which is now called the Micro Phone Case. $25 comes with lanyard & biner. Viewable and maniupulateable (sp?)

Probably simplest to do away with the wrist strap and just put it in the case. Floats that way too.

I use the small phone case for my cell phone and it’s worked fine for emergencies (very few) & ordering delivery to be waiting at the ramp when I land (more frequent).

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Hyde Park, NY

I have had zero problems with my 101 even though I have never made an attempt to protect it from the water. I attach it to the bungies on the foredeck so I can more easily see it while paddling. 100% saltwater paddling and no issues yet. Knock on wood.

Don’t worry: sooner or later, you will!
No GPS is waterprof, at best water resistant, and the failure rate is pretty high.

I’m sure you are right. Its not that they are not waterproof, its that over time the seals fail, but being inexpensive I doubt they can be sent in like cameras to be tested and resealed. Pentax suggests their waterproof cameras be sent in every two years to maintain waterproofness. I just rinse with fresh water and hope for the best.

Garmin charges
$135 for that service!! Pretty amazing (fill in the blank ) when the item to be sent in sells brand new for $200. If I didn’t own so many of their unlock codes I’d look elsewhere, though am fairly sure the only option is to become independent of technology. Will get there when I have more time.