Dry Storage

hey folks…my acadia 12.5 comes with dry storage in the back which is misleading due to the fact that the entire kayak is open except for the two foam blocks that are lengthwise…so i have two questions>>

1.am i able to cut and set(glue into place a foam block(sideways)behind the seat in the stern to really ensure “dry storage”?(creating a bulkhead?)

2.knowing that i want to also do this to the bow, am i able to add another front storage hatch buy cutting into the kayak and then also doing the foam sideways as in question one to keep it dry…

any info/insight would be much appreciated!!


also ya might want to find a kit to create the bulkheads.

…how does one cut the hole into their kayak and seal it off?..do you go to a local shop and they’ll do it for you?

Why bother?
It might be a lot easier to just tie in dry bags and float bags. Bulk heads and hatches have a bad habit of leaking at the worst times anyway.

makes sense^^^^…dry bags it is!!!