Dry Suit Drying?

Ok, you’ve sweated a bucket and you get home and turn your suit inside out and rinse it. Then you turn it right-side out and rinse it. Then you hang it up to dry inside out. Then a few hours later you turn it right-side out and let it dry. Is that the standard process?

Kinda sorta
I have a shower rod that hangs directly over the center of my shower (thank you paddlelupe for the idea).

After a paddle, I turn the suit inside out (if I sweated) and while I am showering, I use my hand held shower head to wash my suit off. I leave it hanging in the shower to dry. The next day when I shower, I invert the suit and wash that side and leave to dry. The next day before I get into the shower I take it out and store it. Then it is ready for the next use.

Two or Three times a year I 303 the gaskets.


Yes, and
I wipe it down with a dishtwel before hangig to cut dry time. Bat towels have too much lint.

You’ve got an unnecessary turning in there.

Rinse outside.

Turn inside out and rinse inside.

Hang to dry.

Turn outside out.

Hang to dry.

Good to go.

hang it up
on a hanger made for a wetsuit or a sturdy men’s

suit hanger. In either case use a hanger of heavy duty plastic, not wood or metal.

Such a hanger supports the shoulder seams. Don’t leave it hung up that way any longer than it takes to dry.

While it is drying, or once it is dry, store away from any gas motor (e.g. furnace, hot water heater, etc). The residual fumes shorten the life of the rubber and the treated fabric. This tip comes direct from George Gronseth of the Kayak Academy, a premier dealer in Kokotat suits. He prints it out in a care insert which he ships with all suits sold.