Dry suit gasket repair in Atlanta?

I ripped the neck gasket when I put on the dry suit this evening. I have never replaced one, and I guess I need to learn sooner or later, but I’ll stall as long as possible. The best I can find on google is to take it to Outside World and let them ship it to Amigos in North Carolina. Are there any other options in the Atlanta area?

Who made the drysuit
I just send mine to Kokotat. It comes back pretty quick…

gasket repair
I guess I’m the do-it-yourself kind of person. I have replaced neck gaskets and wrist gaskets myself - and if I can do it anyone can… google drysuit gasket repair will bring up lots of links. My gaskets have gone when I am wanting to use my suit … someday I’ll have to plan ahead and send the suit in.

Not in your neighborhood

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but they have been very fast for me.http://www.rainypass.com/
If Amigos does the work, why go to Outside World?

Gasket repair
Gasket repair is easy but Immersion Research will replace gaskets almost cheaper than you can do it yourself. I think they work on other brands. Give them a call they can tell you the best fix for it.

if you decide to change it yourself

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you can get everything you need from kayak academy
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I go through 2-4 gaskets a year and while sending them back to kokatat was not too expensive (and they leak test the garment as well), it added up and I did not like being without my drytop for a week or two. It's pretty easy to do, especially after the first one.

I buy my seals from OS Systems - www.ossystems.com

I have instructions in my “Dry Suit Repair” album on Webshots at:


It’s really pretty easy.