dry suit info

Anybody know about these dry suits? Price is certainly right. anyone have one?


Stohlquist has always made some great drysuits…some with a tunnel and some without…they have a new one called the b-Pod that has a neoprene neck gasket that the company swears to me is as dry as a latex-but my vote is out 'til i see that for myself!

but Stohlquist’s ones retail for about $100-200 less than a kokatat and are definatly worth a look!

Rear Zipper ALERT!
Those suits are rear zippers. They are basicly impossible to get into without the help of another person. They do not have a relief (pee)zipper. I have one hanging in my shop. I got it VERY cheap on a closeout sale. Used it one winter/spring season. I found it to be breathable and comfortable enough. BUT, I almost always paddle solo and that combination of rear zip and no relief zip reduced it to a cruel torture devise.

Since price is a serious consideration for me, I now have a Kokatat Super Nova suit, front zip, relief zip and booties. For ME, this suit rocks. Sure, if kayaking was my only sport, I would have sprung for a top-of-the-line Kokatat suit, but if you are price conscience, give the Super Nova serious consideration over the O’neill suit.