Dry suit lowered p-zip retrofit question

I have a Kokatat dry suit with a drop seat but no p-zip. I use a FUD when I paddle sans dry suit, but it’s not at all convenient with the drop seat. If I arrange to get this added to my dry suit, will Kokatat understand exactly where to put the zipper if I ask for a “lowered p-zip” or are there specific measurements I need to give them? If so, can someone here please help me with those specific measurements?

Also, does anyone know approximately how long they are taking on repairs/mods these days? I’m thinking I probably needed to get on this last month.

Speak to either George or Barbara at the Kayak Academy. The best resource for this kind of thing…

Since you already have the drysuit, figure out where you want it and put on masking tape to show the desired placement.

I ordered my drysuit with the lowered front pee zip and it works for me. However, if I had spec’ed a position for it, I would have gotten it slightly lower.

Yes, talk with the Gronseths about this also.

Thank you both! I didn’t remember that the p-zips are horizontal, so I’m thinking “as low as possible” is probably the way to go. But I’ll talk with Kayak Academy first.

Why not talk to Kokatat customer service? I assume that you will have it done there to preserve your lifetime warranty.

I definitely plan to have Kokatat do it. That’s why I asked “will Kokatat understand exactly where to put the zipper if I ask for a “lowered p-zip”” since searching here brought up posts for users who have that. I’ve decided just to have them put it as low as possible. I’m also going to have the giant booties sized down. The feet have been a literal huge problem, so I’m excited about that change.

FYI in case anyone needs this done, Kokatat currently charges $206 (plus shipping) and includes a pressure test after modification. Totally worth it. I’m sending this in next week and should have it back in 2-3 weeks, so in plenty of time for the cooler weather. I don’t usually plan this well.