I have gained a few pounds 10-15, went to use my dry suit last pastweekend and thought I was gonna choke. (Size large I am 6’ 175lbs neck size 17")

The neck neck gasket seems to have shrunk or my percpetion of it has, any advise on this?

I know it needs to be snug ,but to the point where I feel like I am being strangled.

Please advise?

thanks in advance

trim the gasket…
Cut off one ring at a time with an exacto knife until you’re no longer choking. My general rule is that I want the gasket to be tight but if after fifteen minutes, I still feel uncomfortable, it’s too tight. If after fifteen minutes the gasket no longer bothers you, it’s perfect.

makes good sense
thanks for the info

schizopak and others gave me gr8 advice
…see thread.