Dry Suit Question -- About the P?

For those of you with dry suits with front zip opening and without relief zippers:

Is it possible for a male to reach down inside the diagonal zipper opening and relieve himself by holding a pee bottle inside the suit?

how thick are your thighs?

We ain’t talkin’ about reaching down to my knees here. I am assuming there is enough room in the crotch area to negotiate my hands and a wide mouth bottle like a plastic Gator Aide bottle (no joke intended). I have worn a dry suit with a relief zipper. These things aren’t skin tight. I have seen similar questions about this on the message boards, but I don’t recall anyone answering with a practical or hygienic way of relieving yourself without a relief zipper. Is the pee bottle a solution?

a relief zipper and booties–they are the equivalent of showers and AC–why would anyone want a drysuit w/o them?

It’s worth the extra $ for the p-zip…

It’s totally doable. I can even hunch forward and manage to get Mr. Bigglesworth out of the diagonal zipper…BUT…BE-VERY-CAREFUL!

With a relief zip, you don’t have to take off your pfd and skirt everytime you have to go. You don’t even need to get out of the boat. It’s well worth the price for serious paddlers.

You do want to be a serious paddler, don’t you?

I just bought a pee-zipless drysuit.
I agree with Krousman, it’s very doeable. One less zipper to fool with, and you can indeed stick a Gatorade bottle down there. You’d likely have to use a wider mouthed bottle, like a Nalgene, if you’re gonna take a poo in it, though.

I have a front entry zip
I just unzip, pull out my pecker and pee. Relief zips on front entry suits are not necessary for peeing on shore.

Ahhhhh,… Opinions!
Opinions are like “Noses”. Most everyone has one, and some just “smell” better than others! :slight_smile:

IMHO, I vote relief zipper.

Front entry zipper and you
don’t need a p-zipper if on land. I have never had the need to do it while in my kayak.

No. I don’t have the time to become a serious boater. I do want to challenge myself time to time and have fun without killing myself in freezing water.

Open boater. No spray skirt.

I am looking for a good sale on a dry suit. If a deal happens on a suit without a relief zipper I want to know I can take advantage of it without regrets.

Thanks for the advice and the correct spelling on Gatorade.