Dry suit questions

I plan to buy a dry/semi-dry suit to extend my paddling season. Most of my paddling is on lakes, rivers and creeks (no WW). Most days I take camera equipment for wildlife photography so I don’t use a spray skirt as I have a DSLR with a 300mm or 500mm lens on the floor between my legs and I’m usually no more than 50 feet from shore.

I’m considering paddling suits such as the Kokatat SuperNova or Stohlquist bPod both for cost reasons and comfort of the neoprene neck gasket.Another option is the O’Neil Boost dry suit. Does anyone have any recent experience with any of these suits? Any opinions to offer concerning quality, fit, performance etc? Most of the reviews here are older.

Also all of these suits are some type of coated nylon material. Are these noisy to paddle? Are the Goretex version much quieter? I don’t want to be making a lot of noise.


May make a bit of sliff sliff sliff the first few times

but as material gets broken in and less stiff they

quiet right down.

Both the SuperNova and the bPod are made of material that is closer to GoreTex than not. It just doesn’t have the GoreTex waranty. As above, once the suit has been paddled a bit, there is no reason to leave either of these for noise concerns. By the time you get to rolling, the necks may let in some water if you have a chicken neck like me. But you will likely start that off in a pool anyway, so not a factor.

no. corduroy version was discontinued

Dry suit
Kokotat seems to be the yardstick used when evaluating a dry suit. “It’s as good as a kokatat”, etc.

Great suits, great service.

Gore tex is worth it.

Very happy with my B-Pod
The neck was too tight as new, so I made the phone call to Stohlquist and they adjusted it free of charge. Much more comfortable now, and doesn’t leak (on me, anyway). Some in big whitewater might experience differently though.

The suit breaths well - even when poling upstream in springtime temps, my inner layers stay almost completely dry.

Ditto on the B-Pod

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Great suits, great service (too small neck seal replaced free of charge), breathes well, very comfortable. The Reed ChillCheater is another underrated suit. I have and use bo00th

Stohlquist EZ
Unless you find an über sale on a BPod go with the Stohlquist EZ. Well refined evolution from the BPod.

I even know a place in Hyde Park, NY that has a sale on them. (über thinly veiled plug)

See you on the water,


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one consideration
One question is how much you perspire. It sounds like you’ll be doing alot of sitting and waiting and photography, so if your underlayer is wet you may get quite cold in a non-breathable suit.

I have one for sale, will post soon in the classified.


Gore-Tex Lightweight Paddling Suit
I agree with you on the noise. Some fabrics are just noisier than others. I don’t think the ones you reference are noisy enough to frighten the birds but everything is relative.

You have another alternative that you didn’t mention, the Gore-Tex Lightweight Paddling Suit from Kokatat. For about $750 +/- depending on men’s women’s… It is a Gore-Tex fabric that is lighter in weight than the Evolution fabric used in Kokatat’s full dry suits. It has a neoprene cinch neck for comfort. http://www.kokatat.com/products/paddling-suits/gore-texr-lightweight-paddling-suit-men-radish-gray.html

All the Gore-Tex suits come with the same lifetime warranty on the fabric.

Another option might even be the Supernova Angler suit. That is also covered under Kokatat’s warranty for the fabric, made in the same US factory and tested by the same team of people. Also has the neo color (this one w/ velcro). It has reinforced knees and such for fisherman but that isn’t a downside! It is priced at about $600.


As a sales rep for Kokatat, I am more familiar with their offerings than others.


Thanks everyone
Looks like I have more research to do. Appreciate all the suggestions.