Dry suit repair

Is there any place other than Kokatat to get a relief zipper put in my dry suit. Preferrably in the North East

Is it a Kokatat suit?
If it is, you ought to send it to Kokatat as they will do it and it will then be under warranty. While it is there, they will also need to water test it and make sure it is water proof after the zipper has been installed. There isn’t any other facility that can do those types of water tests after a repair has been done.

If it isn’t a Kokatat suit, you can try Outerwear Repair in Madison CT. Not sure though if they are still in business or if they do zippers. There is Amigos in NC.

I think that there is someone on the West Coast too - Rainy Pass maybe…

Not in the Northeast
Amigo’s is here in North Carolina.

He works on every brand of dry suit and has a great reputation. Often people use him just because his turn around time is better than there manufacturer.


Rainy Pass is in Seattle area
When my (former) Stohlquist Goretex suit needed repair, that’s who Stohlquist recommended, since they had stopped producing Goretex suits and apparently washed their hands of ones already made and bought.

The turnaround time in winter was long, though. To mail to them from CO, get the work done, and then have it mailed back was estimated at 6 weeks. I found a local Goretex-authorized repairer of outdoor goods who fixed it for me with about a 2-week turnaround.

SCUBA shops
Scuba divers use dry suits all the time.

Do a google search of local shops.

OS Systems is a dry suit shop that

caters to paddlers and divers