Dry Suit Shopping

Searching for a Kokatat dry suit. I don’t think I need custom, size charts suggest I can get by with off-the-shelf assuming I can find one! The website says they are not accepting new orders. My local dealers are REIs and they have sent the water sports gear back to wherever gear goes to live in the winter. It looks like I can order online.

Are there any red flags, concerns with ordering a dry suit on line? Assuming the suit is new and it hasn’t been returned because someone damaged it (and that hasn’t been my experience with REI)……anything else I should be aware of?

Companion Question and I think I know the answer from doing some reading: Reed Chillcheater > not really a dry suit, right? Every review I’ve read indicates (a) there is water intrusion at the cuffs and neck because it’s not latex, (b) seam taping is prone to separating and (c) it doesn’t breathe and can take a while to dry out if you work up a sweat. In summary, not really made for immersion.

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving in advance.

REI and Kokatat are both quality brands with good reputations, so ordering sight unseen shouldn’t be a problem. Unless they say otherwise, they will take it back as a return if it doesn’t work for you.

I think there is a Black Friday sale for REI that might even give you a 20% off coupon for a full priced item. And if you have the REI credit card, you get a 5% rebate.

Try Marshall at the River Connection Hyde Park NY. I think he has some. No problem buying online from reputable sellers.


I have shopped at Outdoor Play numerous times. My experience has been entirely positive both mail order and occasionally in person at their warehouse.

They generally have a good selection in stock and frequently give decent discounts (particularly if you ask nicely on the phone).