dry suit sizes

If I ordered a dry suit online, how do I know what size I am?

I weigh 180 lbs, and I’m 5’ 11" tall. Normal build.

That sounds like a large…

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...at least in a Kokatat suit. You and I are actually in that gray zone between Medium and Large. Some companies may make an in-between size, at least Stohlquist used to. When in doubt, a little extra room is not a problem, but a little small will restrict your movement.

Are you anywhere near a place that has Drysuits in stock. If they do they’re likely going to have someone knowledgeable to provide some guidance.

'Course I can send you one and switch out sizes if the guess is wrong.

Check the Kokatat site for some fairly detailed size charts for at least their models.

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Body vrs inseam length
I ran into a problem when I got my suit. My size fell near the upper limit for size. I have a short inseam ,but a little longer torso. When getting the suit on I could barely get the neck gasket over my head.

As was suggested if close to upper limit ,extra room is OK.

If Kokatat they have measurements
On their site, waist, hips, chest, inseam and arm length. The chart works very well.

If other manufacturers call them - I bet they have such a chart in the shop even if it is not on their web site.

Large without question,
at least with regard to Kokatat sizing. You and I are virtually identical and a large fits me perfectly. I’m confident I could even gain a few pounds and still wear it comfortably over layers. If you go with Kokatat get a large.

have you ever worn a dry suit?
From personal experience wearing your first dry suit will make you think it is to small, (gaskets restricting your neck, wrists and depending on suit, ankles or waist).

Depending on your layering needs extra room can be beneficial, a loose inseam is my personal favorite. Sitting in your boat for a long period of time can cause “bunching” up in your waist or crotch that can get uncomfortable over extended periods of time.

Kokotat Large; I’m 6’2" and about 180
I just fit in the large. X-large is like a tent.

cold climate
cold paddler think snug suit.

Warm weather warm paddler thin loosely fitting suit.

the extra works as a bellows pumping air n moisture out cooling the Dude.

You may enjoy pumping air when cool using extra base layers.

6’ 190 lbs…today
X-large, allows me to layer underneath easily. Have a Kokatat GMER dry suit.

5’ 11", 220 lbs.

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I have an extra large NRS Extreme. It's big and baggy with plenty of room for insulating layers. Once I zip it up and burp the air out, though, it really doesn't matter anymore - it's tight to my body. Having it too small would definitely be a problem.