dry suit storage question

Two part question.

What is the best way to store your dry suit while not in use? Its a GORE-TEX® Meridian Dry Suit. folded Up? or on a hanger?

What is the best way to transport the suit to the river? Maybe in a bag? or storage type box.

thanks in advance for any thoughts


I use a large plastic hanger
One I got at a dive shop that is a few inches thick to hang in a cool, dry place. The most important thing I think is to avoid creases that will stay that way for very long. So when travelling I might roll it about around some other clothes so it’s not rolled super tight.

I made a hanger out of 2" PVC pipe
… and rope. No creases during storage. I transport it in the care by just chucking it on top of my others stuff.

Spray the gaskets before putting it away from the season to keep them from drying out. A beefy plastic or cloth hanger is probably a good idea too. Or pack it loosely in a bin or something. If it’s going into more permanent storage, a plastic clothing bag might also be helpful. The manufacturer may have other recommendations as well.

zippers unzipped
Unzip the zippers for storage.

I think I read this off a Kokatat care instruction PDF

Zippers Randomly open…
So as not to create an indentation (memory) anywhere, as in not stored fully open or closed, and not in the same spot all the time.

Zipper open
Open zipper per Kokatat instructions after they replaced the zipper on mine.

I used to put it on a wood hanger but now it’s just loosely bundled on a high shelf in the closet because the door doesn’t shut firmly and I have a dog that’s a bit of a chewer.

I fold very loose and make sure zippers
are open and flat …no bends in them, then store in a mesh bag and hang where it can get air and circulation. Inside.