Dry Suit Storage

I have a Kokata dry suit and the info says to store it on a padded hanger with the zipper running across the chest left open. Is this how it should be done? The suit “hangs” pretty wierd with the one end of the hanger keeps popping through the zipper hole. How do most people store 'em? Thanks!

Roll it
I roll my suit loosely, taking care not to bend the zip. It’s kept in a small nylon gear bag, along with disinfectant spray, talc and a chunk of beeswax/parowax for zip lube. Handy, it keeps everything in one place and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Rubbermaid Tote

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I store mine in a similar fashion (rolled/folded loosely) only I used a Rubbermaid tote. I think the tote has around an 18-gallon capacity. I also keep other kayaking clothing items in the tote like my neo hood, and Nordic gloves. I just throw it in the car along with a second tote that hold my day kit.
I keep a silica gel pack in the dry suit tote, just for insurance, but make sure your suit is completely dry before storing it away.

Safe paddling,

Under no circumstances
should you follow the manufacturer’s directions.

I store mine on a hanger
with foam pipe insulation wrapped around it. I leave the zipper unzipped but attach the velcro in a few places to help hold it’s shape and keep it on the hanger.

One might want to read Kokotat’s
complete instructions they before making a comment that does not add value to the discussion.

From Kokotat’s website:

“Store either hanging or loosely rolled.”

For complete care instructions see:


Personally I feel the long term hanging of a dry suit put too much stress on the entry zip, so I go with the “loosely rolled”.

your user name is WillyBoy
but boys don’t read instructions. Do it however you want and send it in for repairs.

Why hang?
Except for drying after a wash, hanging has no advantage over loose rolling or folding.

I lay mine flat with zipper unzipped but cover flap Velcro’d down, then fold the legs up so that the ankles are up to the neck, fold the arms across, and finally fold up the resulting package from the bottom up once again. This prevents the zipper from having sharp bends in it. The suit then goes into a bag that is stored in a Rubbermaid bin.

I hang mine on 2 hangers
one hanger through the neck and then I fold the legs over the second one. That way the weight is off the hanger in the neck. I also leave the zipper open.