Dry Suit Washing

Can a dry suit be machine washed?


Kokatat recommends washing before sending back for repair and gives instructions for both machine and hand washing. I’ve done both. Just don’t put them in the dryer! I just washed two drysuits, but this time I did them by hand in a large tub. I use Nikwax Tech Wash which also helps to restore the DWR.


front loader only
I suggest using a front loader only and not a machine with an agitator. If you don’t have a front loader, go to a laundramat and use one there.

Don’t put in the dryer as the seals will melt.


Washing a Dry Suit
Thanks for the helpful advice advice. I think I will just put it in the tub for a little rub-a-dub dubby.


hand washing
It’s worth using McNett’s Wet Suit & Drysuit Shampoo (that’s the product name) which you can buy online or at scuba/diving shops.

I have also used a couple capfules of Woolite because it is gentle and low foaming. You want to avoid harsh soaps that leave too much residue.

Just flood that sucker with several tubs of water to get out all traces of soap.

As a finishing touch I use three hangers to dry the suit, at chest, waist and knees… This exposes more surface to drying, which is faster and less conducive to mildew.

Be very careful with Woolite and many

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hi-tech fabrics.

The McNett product sounds like a good option, but I personally would be very carefully of washing any synthetics in Woolite. Yes, it works fine on natural fabrics like wool and cotton. It MAY work fine on a dry suit, but after having it 'destroy' the fabric in several of my high-end pieces of XC ski and cycling wear I no longer use it.

Lycra, spandex, and lyrca-like products are particularly susceptible to damage from Woolite. And the folks at Woolite and several clothing makers can verify that, although it was a bit late for yours truly :-(

good point - thanks
usually I just wash the suit in plain old water.

I’ve only had to go Woolite twice. I use Mcnett’s pretty faithfully but I was out and it was the end of a 10 days paddle-a-rama…