dry suit zipper lube

Now that I have a dry suit, is there something I should put on my zippers to keep them working smoothly? I have 303 protectant for the rubber gaskets, but don’t have a clue what use (if anything) on the zippers.

There are several commercial zipper
lube products, but I find parafin works quite well.


McNett (AquaSeal) Max Wax
Wetzool is right, there are many good products for maintaining dry suit zippers. My favorite is Max Wax.


I use the stuff from NRS

I just use wax from an unscented tea light candle.

Steel or plastic
I use bee’s wax or candle wax on my Kokatat drysuit that has a steel toothed zipper. My wife has a Palm drysuit with a plastic toothed zipper, and bee’s wax or candle wax does not work on it. In fact it made the zipper stiffer. There are many lubes available i.e. McNett, that have a consistency closer to a melted down vasilene, which work great on plastic drysuit zippers.

Also, put a little dab of vasilene on the zipped up end of the zipper to make a better water seal too.

Zipper lube
Parifin works well, as does the wax from a candle. Just rub the candle on the zipper so pieces adhere to the zipper teeth, then operate the zipper.

STAY AWAY FROM SILICONE. It gets on the material and makes it impossible to replace the zipper in the future.

but not strawberry flavored :slight_smile:

Bar soap seems to work pretty well.

No Vaseline
Vaseline is petroleum based and will harm many plastic and rubber materials. Just like oil-based sunscreen, it’s not something you want on your drysuit.

read manufacturer instructions
Certain manufacturers specifically recommend using vaseline and/or silicone, so check with them on what to use. 303 protectant or UV Tech are usually safe regardless of recommendations.

Vaseline? No way!
Anything that tacky is going to be a magnet for sand. That’s why wax is the preferred lubricant, it doesn’t attract sand.

Until it rinses off
Doesn’t it make more sense to use a lubricant that’s not water soluable?

Suggests putting a bit of vasoline at the end of the zipper

Honestly people
Follow the manufacturers instructions. It took me ten seconds to find this on Kokatat’s website.


Broken zippers cannot be repaired but can be replaced. This work may be performed only by Kokatat at our factory; if you feel your zipper has been damaged, please contact Customer Service (phone number below) to get a Return Authorization #.

Kokatat’s TROPOS dry suits are supplied with our lightweight 4TZ metal tooth watersports zipper. This zipper is effectively waterproof for surface watersports. All GORE-TEX® dry suits are supplied with an Optiseal zipper, which has larger teeth and is factory tested to be completely waterproof to 20 feet.

The zipper is one of the most sensitive component of your dry suit. Avoid aggressive pulling, and NEVER force a jammed zipper. Keep sand and dirt out of the zipper teeth and the closing end. Clean it occasionally with mild soap, water and a toothbrush. Lubricate the zipper with a light coat of paraffin, beeswax or a zipper lube product. A dab of Vaseline in the closing end improves sealing. Make sure you read the instructions on your garment’s hangtag before use!