Dry suits

I’ve just moved up north from down south. Down there the need for a dry suit was almost non-existant but now, obviously, that has changed. I’m in the market for an inexpensive dry suit that delivers what it promises: waterproof and breathable (don’t laugh, I’m serious).

I’ve found several in the 300 to 400 dollar range (I.E. Palm Classic, and a used NRS Triton)that seem to be in good shape and get okay reviews, but none of them have a spray skirt tunnel. Has anyone had problems with significant amounts of water leaking into their boats while surfing, doing rolls, or rescue practice when wearing a dry suit that doesn’t have to the sprayskirt tunnel?

Also, I’ve found a Palm Torrent (which does have the spray skirt tunnel) For 360, but its has medium booties, which the sizing chart says fits feet up to size 10. My feet are 10 1/2. If I were to get this and the booties don’t fit, how hard would it be to cut them out and replace them with latex gaskets?

They’ll fit
Palm booties run WAYYYY large. I can swim in the booties that came with my Stikine suit. They are large, and I also have 10 1/2’s.

No problem
From what I’ve seen drysuits from various manufacturers are sized large so I would check out the Palm. In regards to spray skirt tunnels they do make a difference in the amount of water you take in to the cockpit. I see in your profile you like rough water paddling so I’d try to get a suit with a tunnel…not an absolute neccessity but a practical feature nevertheless.

Drysuit Booties
I wear a medium Palm Torrent and have size 10 feet and there will be no problems with having a size 10.5 foot fitting.


a few buds
have the NRS and kayak cl.2-4 on a very regular basis. Lack of a tunnel doesn’t seem to be an issue, lack of booties is missed by one friend who has the original NRS, yet he still gets out 4-5 days a week it seems, mostly on cl.3-4.

for the $$$$ you quoted you can get
a new Stohlquist Bpod…

dry as any other in my experience…

can find good deals on ebay for them (the_river_connection has them)…

plus it is NEW…and yours…

and you can get it to fit like you like…


second bpod–terrific product

Stohlquist White Water $329 REI closeout
but it has no booties. I use two pairs of socks with rodeo sock /booties in ice filled water. It is a good suit for the money and I have heard they last a long time (mine is new this year). I am very pleased with the waterproofness and excellent breathability. If I had it to do over again, I would try to buy it from my local kayak shop, they are here to support my needs and the sport in general and I owe it to them to try to give them the business. It was just too much money to ignore at the time. It won’t happen again, I need them, and they need me.

Some paddlers insist on a suit with a tunnel. I had asked about suits with tunnels in this thread…