Dry top seam tape

My dry top is in desperate need of new seam tape. Where can I purchase some? I will be installing it my self.

Any hints on how to do so are much appreciated. Or is it ‘just remove the old and put on the new’?

Thanks a bunch

Try Seattle Fabrics www.seattlefabrics.com

If they sell it, they should be able to tell you how to use it (hopefully). You could also send your top to Rainy Pass (or similar) for a refurb, but it might cost a fair bit.

Can’t buy the Gore-tex seam tape
According to an authorized Gore-tex repair person I spoke with, there is no retail sale of their seam tape. Only repair shops can obtain the stuff. Maybe you could talk someone into giving you a small piece, if it’s a simple fix (i.e., you are not doing it in lieu of paying the shop to repair the top).

If it’s a small hole or rip, possibly sealing with AquaSeal sealant (sealant, not contact adhesive) would do the job. The stuff is flexible and tough, and you can apply it in a thin layer.

Try EBay
Once in a while GoreTex seam tape comes up there - not sure how legit it started but the last roll I got was definately the real stuff.

That said, after I tried to apply it the first time I decided it’d be altogether easier to send the suit to Kokatat.

May not be gortex
probably not, but seam tape for tent repair/waterproofing should do the job.

I definately will give your suggestions consideration. I just needed to know where to start.

Great info!