Dry top with a farmer john?

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Anyone use this set up? Is it too hot with dry top over the farmer john?

Would a paddling jacket be better?


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It depends on what water temp, air temp, and how much you get splashed/roll.

If it is flat water and the likelihood of rolling is very small and of being splashed is also small, a paddle jacket where you can open the top some to release hot air could be nice.

If white water or surfing and you likely will roll or at least be splashed often, having the sealed neck is very nice. Especially if water or air is cold.

I’ve been going dry top
I’ve been going drytop over farmer john since probably mid-October, and probably will continue through April.

I have no idea what level of workout you go for, what your personal comfort tolerances are, whether it’s a potential part of your program to use the cool water all around you to cool off if you get a little warm, etc.

But if you’re following the “dress for a swim” rule, the drytop is much more appropriate.

New Year’s Day, after running to the water with my kayak on a cart in a farmer john, neoprene top, dry pants and drytop, I simply rolled my kayak a few times to cool down. I cooled down nicely, and from there, all was fine. What does that mean for your purposes? I really don’t know. But if you’re not running or racing, it’s unlikely you’ll overheat through the winter months. And if you’re willing to use the water to cool down, you should be fine until the water gets into the 70’s. I worry more about hypothermia than hyperthermia. One is much, much easier to deal with than the other out on the water. That’s not to say everyone necessarily keeps themselves in check on the hyperthermia issue. It’s just saying that they easily could.

Water temp is around low 50’s high 40’s.

Will be on a stable ski, so falling in won’t involve inversion.

No open ocean or long distance from shore.

Sounds like a paddling jacket may work well.

should work
If you get too warm, you can use the water to cool off.

IMHO I think “splash” jackets are a waste of time. I already have one and it’s called a rain coat. Plus no one ever tricked me into believing that paddling was a dry sport.

yes with a shorty wet suit

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I used to use a shorty wet suit under a dry top for paddling in a sit in kayak with spray skirt. Sometimes I would wear splash pants over the wet suit depending on the temperature. The dry top kept me dry (within reason) so long as I stayed in the boat.

If I came out of the boat and swam, the wet suit offered some butt protection. I got wet, obviously, but the wet suit and dry top +/- splash pants kept me tolerably warm.

If you are not using a spray skirt a splash top might work as well. Without a spray skirt if you fall in you are going to get wet whether you have a dry top or splash top on obviously. Splash tops with velcro wrist closures will let water in from your paddle and your sleeves or forearms will get wet, which can be annoying. But there are some nice splash tops that have latex wrist gaskets and a velcro neck closure that will prevent this and many feel they are more comfortable as well as being easier to put on and take off.

My first paddling jacket was not breathable, my daughter got me a breathable paddle jacket for Christmas one year, wear it a lot, makes a big difference!