Dry Top

I am looking for a dry top. It appears that most XXL top are made with a 53" chest to get a 44" waist. The problem is 53 is to large I need a 48" chest with the 44 waist. I had no problem with a wet suit and no problem with a skirt. Is there a dry top manufacturer that caters to the large person?

Kokatat does some custom work.
Contact them through your local dealer.

Immersion Research does great stuff…

Consider a Kokatat Storm Cagoule

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Excellent, one size fits all, and I think it would fit you (ask if you order). I love mine! cooldoctor1

Sea kayaker mag review of cagoule.

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PS The Tropos model, not Gore-tex but still waterproof, is about $200

IMO, the best dry tops…
…have a Velcro-adjustable, expandable waist, rather than the one-size neoprene waist. It makes getting them on and off MUCH easier and it would allow you to buy the chest size you need and not worry about the waist. You may give up a little bit in sealing, but I’ve never noticed any significant leakage with either my short or long sleeve tops, even when rolling extensively. In normal use, there is no difference at all, other than the convenience.