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Thinking of buying a Kokatat Helix dry top to go with my Whirlpool bibs but I can’t find a review. Looking for feedback from an owner or anyone who has tried one.

dry top
Nobody has a helix dry top?

i like mine
typical high quality Kgear construction, good fit. it is a very sporty cut, with a short body, perhaps a bit too short. the Tropos fabric is quite rubbery to the touch and this makes it sticky to get on and off, but this is a quibble, it’s a great top, a great patterned fit, and well made. also, i know that if i have a problem, it is painless to return due to their excellent support. would i prefer their goretex model, of course, but not at the price.

Kokatat Helix dry top
I like mine as well. Same review as JBV.

dry tops
Thanks for the input you guys!

Dry Tops
Wolfen, I used mine in the Puget Sound area throughout this last winter (a cold one for Seattle), and paddled every week in it. Did lots of cold rolling, etc., and the Helix held up just great. I do actually have a Goretex one now, and I’ve handed my Helix on to my son. But not at all because I was dissatisfied with it. I taught a kayaking class, got paid in gear, and my son needed a dry top, so…

I’ve been using the Kokatat Tropos Helix top for two years now. As said above, the fit and finish are very good. The only problem I have is I don’t think it breaths very well. I get damp quickly in it. I just purchased a Kokatat Gore-Tex paclite paddling jacket to get better breathability. I have not been out in that one yet.

My one issue with the Tropos material is that I have found it to be a little fussier about maintenance than the GoreTex. You can’t ever forget to turn the Tropos stuff inside out after a paddle to dry.

But if you are altogether better about maintenance than was at first, you shouldn’t have this issue.

Inside out ?
I have a Tropos Light paddle jacket, and I never turn it inside out to dry…

I just throw it in the washer’s hand washable cycle (cold), and let it drip dry.

I don’t recall the directions stating to dry inside out… Hmmmm.