Dry Tortugas

Has anyone ever heard of Sea Kayaking the Dry Tortugas?

Yankee Freedom II
Are you asking about paddling to Ft. Jefferson or between the islands once you get there?

Here’s a link to one of the ferry operators who will transport kayaks, no more than three kayaks or small canoes (no greater than 15 ft. 6 in. in length) may be transported on any trip. The cost of transporting kayaks is $35.00 each, round trip. http://www.yankeefreedom.com/CampingInformation.htm

I’ve taken the ferry to Ft. Jefferson but only for a day trip. Camping there for a few days is still on my To Do List.

Check Sea Kayaker Magazine
I remember reading an article about paddling the Tortugas a while back. (Looked it up on their web site, Issue 78, October 2000).

dry tortugas
yes been there many times but not really alot of paddling oppurtunities there.after you go around the fort a few times you actually relize you are in the middle of nowhere. theres a reef to the southeast thats really nice that the rangers will direct you to and the coral heads at the swim beach are disapointing to say the least, the island next to the fort now has a land bridge but is closed during birding season,so cruising it in akayak offers up close birding ,hospital key a viable destination but once your’e there you are a barren sandspit,cool if you are into that marooned pirate feeling, very awesome …Loggerhead key where the old coastie station was and the best of all now is now closed to the public, has been deforested of non indigenous trees leaving 3 or 4 palms where huges stands of australian pines once stood .this is where all the commercial fishermen and shrimpers used to hang out in the good ole days.picnic tables and bbq pits and a rec room with a pool table at the coast guard station make this a paradise for nonfishing days.loggerhead would be a long haul on yak for anyone except the skilled’strong currents and trecherous tide abound. if you can get a boat to take you to the north end though theres a reef called little africa that comes up to within 2 feet of the surface, this is one of the best reefs I’ve seen, and I’ve literally swam the reef from key west to tortugas west… good luck, I can be found at lost reef adventures, the dive shop across from the yankee freedom dock, stop in ask for Lee. if I’m not fishing I’m likly there. Lee