So far so good on the SealLine Kodiak drybag. Before I buy a few more for a camping trip, does anyone have:

Any long term issues with durability?

Any suggestions for a better quality item in the same general price point?


For any items like cameras that can’t
be Pelicanned but MUST stay dry, look at the smaller Watershed bags. The zip seals do not admit water, and the weight and strength of the bag material makes piercing unlikely. I have a small Watershed for wallet, keys, cell, etc., and a tapered, inflating Futa for must-stay-dry stuff in my kayaks.

For a lot of things, putting them in smaller bags before packing in a roll-top is sufficient. But whitewater people who have to stuff large, expensive SLRs or video cameras in kayaks often use Watershed.

this is just for
camping stuff. Sleeping bags, clothing, food - stuff that I don’t really want to get wet, even if its in the hull of the big boat.

I’ve got 2 seal line bags, one Kodiak for dry clothes, one see through clear plastic model for lunch. So far, so good, but opinions/suggestions are welcome!

I have several Seattle Sports
All-Purpose Dry Bags from Sierra Trading Post that have held up to six years of canoe camping. The extra large is only $18. I also use the Seattle Sports H2Zero Dry Bags with the shoulder straps from Sierra Trading Post. The only thing that has happened to them is the shoulder straps start pulling away, but it would probably help if I didn’t load 50 lbs into them.

dry bags
I use the thick plastic ones from Dicks. Nice, bulky and works.

The seal breaks after a year or two of use and they need to be replaced.

Sierra Trading post sells some cloth ones that my buddy brought on our last camping trip. I was skeptical, but they work and are on my to-buy list.

Even wally world has some
decent large dry bags that I have had no issues with. I’m not trusting them with expensive equipment, but for camp supplies and such they will work. There is no cool factor to the brand name, but if it keeps the water out, it gets the job done. I think the large bag was a yellow, Ozark Trail which could easily fit a tent or a large sleeping bag and the price was $15 or so.