Drysuit alteration

Has anyone had a good or bad experience with having a drysuit altered? I would like to have the legs shortened and smaller booties.

Do you already have a drysuit?
If not, I know Kayak Academy out of Issaquah WA usually has a bunch of special sizes like that in stock directly from Kokotat. Look them up on the web.

try these options
for any outdoor repair or alteration give these folks a call…


If it is an IR dry suit call them and they should be able to handle the alterations in house. Otherwise, call the manufacturer and see who they recommend.

Rainy pass in seattle will handle it!
they do great work…

Contact the Mfg. for their approved
repair facility. You should not have a problem with what you want to do. I added a relief zipper and dry boots to my Stohlquist white water and am very happy with what I got. Bill