Drysuit bootie solutions?

I have a drysuit with ankle gaskets instead of booties. When paddling ww I didn’t feel like it was a problem becaus even when the water is cold the shore is never far away. Now that I’m paddling open water I’m concerned about prolonged submersion. I roll pretty reliably, but I want to plan for the worst.

I can’t afford a new drysuit right now but would still like to stay safe. Is there a water-tight solution if I go for a swim? If not, what is the best and safest solution? Thanks in advance!

A few options
Put booties on your old suit. Chota Mukluks over neo socks. I use rodeo sock over a layer or 2 of neoprene socks.

Who makes your drysuit? If it’s Kokatat
I know they can retrofit gore-tex drysuits with gore-tex booties. I don’t know about other manufacturers, but it might be worth a call.

Latex booties

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gore-tex may be nice, but latex is cheap, very easy to install, and works just fine. Once you have used drysuit booties, slipped into them ever so easily, and kept your feet toasty warm with thick wool socks underneath, you will NEVER want to go back to ankle gaskets.

I love my booties
on my Kokatat suit, but I have to ask what issue is it you are trying to resolve?

A drysuit is meant to keep you from getting hypothermia. Exposed feet are not going to cause hypothermia. If your ankle gaskets are doing their job, it’s a non-issue.

Although drysuit booties are great as far as comfort is concerned, there are warm paddling boots that can be worn with a suit that has ankle gaskets. Again, it really depends on what you are looking to accomplish.

Thank you for the advice so far. I want to clarify that I am not having any problems with my ankle gaskets. I simply want to wear the best footwear to increase my ability to deal with prolonged exposure (always plan for the worst.)

Bought a pair of neoprene flats boots
at Bass Pro Shops for $20. The sole is not thick, but rubber and the neoprene is 5 mm. Might want to look into them.

Install Latex Booties

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I did with my kokatat since I too had the ankle gasket. Very easy straightforward job. Trim off the ankle gasket until there is a 1" section left by the drysuit material. Stretch over a plastic bottle. Apply Aquaseal to both the trimmed section and the latex bootie. Overlap the two treated areas. The suit is ready to use overnight.

Having the booties, I can wear polypro socks underneath and just a thin water shoe on top and stay warm. I don't need or even use my expensive Chotas anymore. (I slip on the Chotas in the early morning to go out and shovel snow in the winter.)

Besides NRS, you can also find gaskets and booties for slightly less cost here:



Pics and instructions
I have some in my “Drysuit Repair” album on Webshots at:


The album is on the second page.