Drysuit Color Poll

If you were buying the following drysuit, which color would you choose??


Just wondering…

The pink with Polka dot one.

You need to find Jesus…

I would get the yellow one. Visibility on the water is always good.

I’d get either one…
anything but that gawdy blue/mango combo. from Kokotat.

Black, black, black…
… is the color of my true love’s… ummm… drysuit.

No, I just need to be more discreet
when I hide him.

Maybe check this out

The grey won’t help visibility at all in fog. Need all the color you can get for that.

I Bought The NRS Dry Jacket

– Last Updated: Dec-30-05 6:28 AM EST –

recently and I bought the grey. Looks good. For visibility my pfd is bright yellow and my paddle blades are white.

What the heck is wrong
with that color combo. I love my purple/mango drysuit. It clashes nicely with my faded red Lotus PFD, my orange Capella, and my forest green Seattle Sombrero! See I’m one of those guys that doesn’t much care for fashion, as long as it functions.


The one favored by Homeland

I’m picturing vomit
Are you sure you wear all those colors???

I decided on black/yellow. I figured by looking at the pictures that the black and yellow one looked more like normal clothes than the grey and white one which sort of looked like a Star Trek suit or something. I can put a winter coat over the black and yellow drysuit after a padddle and people will just think I’m wearing snowpants.

yellow - it’s flatpick’s fault (grin)
Before moving away I paddled with flatpick a lot. When you paddle with him, you soon find bright colors easily seen by Coast Guard choppers is a good thing. (grin)

I have a yellow drysuit, red helmet,Tempest kayak Orange over yellow. Red Shirt and Brown Pants (sorry that part is an inside joke)…

Summary, YELLOW…

bring me my brown trousers!

we had one-a-dem days on new years! me an chris went from the NWR headquarters on the south end of Willapa to Nahcotta. had ‘some’ wind and waves to deal with.

was happy to be in a POPPY Kokatat drysuit! very rainy here! and warm.