Drysuit Footwear???

What type of footwear do you use with a drysuit, to keep your feet warm inside your booties?

I’m more likely to wear warm neoprene
booties OUTSIDE the drysuit booties. Inside I would wear wool or polyester socks.

wool socks
which in most cases are a mix of wool and synthetics. I’ve taken to wearing 'em all year round :slight_smile:

socks inside, or neo outside
I was wearing various thickness (depending on temperature) socks inside the drysuit booties, and cheap water socks outside. That worked fine, until I lost a water sock on two successive paddles (where I swam in the surf).

Now I am trying Kokatat Nomads. Don’t really need the gator part of it for most of my paddles in a dry suit (though I could see a benefit if I miss time it such that the tide is out and their is mud between water and landing point), but the booties keep me warm and the “laces” keep it on tight.

Still searching
Tried various combinations of wool inside, neo inside or outside, water shoes, neo booties, and neo mukluks outside. I have yet to find anything that keeps my feet really warm. What seems most effective it to overheat your core, wear a hat, and hope your cool feet feel good by comparison.


Felted wool boot socks
the felting is the key.

however I wonder if these would damage your booties. I have not tried them


If they got hot enough…
…to damage the suit, they would damage your feet, too.

Smartwool or alpaca blend socks

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Same as for hiking, except that the arch support part doesn't matter so much. So anything that breathes and is warm enough for the likely temps that cause the wearing of a dry suit. You can also add a thin wicking base layer of socks.

Mukluks or regular paddling shoes outside, just sized up a bit to handle the bootie.

a liner sock made of polypro for wicking and comfort, then a fleece sock over that for warmth, chota mucklucks over the dry suit.

Dry warm feet is one of the main reasons I prefer dry gear to wet gear.

This is something I learned from hiking in boots. Using some antiperspirant on your feet prevents much of the sweating that becomes a problem. The sweat isn’t really helping if it’s not free to evaporate so may as well block it.

just curious
they are used all the time inside downhill ski boots…

I’ve toyed with the idea…

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...of getting some for cold weather cycling, but most I've seen are very expensive. At the price of these, it may be worth a shot.

Not sure this is on topic but I recently emailed Chota Boots about them making a exterior overboot for neoprene waders. Their reply was they make a boot called WW700 Caney Fork boots for just such a purpose. It has a removable dual insole you can take out to make room for neoprene booties. they supposedly only weigh 40 oz./ pair. lighter than commonly available waders boots. I was looking for a overboot for backpacking/fishing into remote lakes, and needed a lite-weight boot to carry that fits over neoprene waders booties. i always used wool socks under my waders, the poly dries my feet out too much and besides there’s nowhere’s for the moisture to wick too and evaporate.

Thick neoprene booties…

work pretty well for that (into the low 30’s anyway)



>…of getting some for cold weather cycling, but >most I’ve seen are very expensive. At the price of >these, it may be worth a shot.

For me, size is the issue. I use two
pairs of heavy poly pro socks in and NRS Rodeo Socks out. Keeps the space consumption to a minimum and still is warm. Bill

Is it a drysuit with built in booties?
The most efficient method of keeping feet warm, is to keep them dry. If you have a drysuit with latex seals, and no attached/built in booties, then the best method is to have latex socks added. (This can be a, done at home job.) If you already have dry feet, then I wear either a wool hiking style sock, or a pile sock under the booty - both work well. I personally prefer a neoprene sock over the drysuit booty, along with a water shoe of some type. So that my balance is unaffected, by loss of traction. Otherwise a standard neoprene booty works well, over the drysuit booty.