Drysuit for small woman

We are looking for drysuits and tried on the Kokatat Meridian. The women’s small was much too big around for my wife, who’s 5’1" and 105-107#. Kokatat said they can’t customize the torso. We haven’t checked with other companies. Any suggestions?

Legs and arms?
Would it work shorten the legs and arms? That they can do, albeit it costs some and I think you have to be talking about the full GoreTex suits. Not the Tropos.

For what it is worth, my first suit was too roomy around in the torso even with shortened legs and arms. The suit worked - can’t say it didn’t - but it wore faster than my current Unisex small does because the folds under my PFD caused pin holes. So I just kept sending it back to Kokatat each year and they kept adding more patches. I looked like a coach after a while of that, but if functioned as a dry suit.

Check the Unisex sizing - Kokatat has all the measurements on their site. The small turned out to be just about perfect for me as long as I keep my posterior in check. It may put her into the Pzip (and a FUD) rather than a drop seat unless you pay for an alteration.

Small drysuits
It’s the torso. She said it was so much too big around that it distracted her from judging whether it was too long. That was a women’s small (size 6-8). I would think that “Unisex” (which really means “Men’s, but we won’t admit it”) would be bigger.

Wearing a towbelt will act as “belt” improving fit ?

Stohlquist lists an XS women’s


My experience with them is that the men’s sizing runs smaller than their chart, so if the same holds for women’s you might be in luck.

Have you actually looked at the charts?
Remember, there is one part of anatomy that men’s sizes do not have to account for. It’s worth taking a few minutes to check fully given the cost of a dry suit. Look at the measurements on Kokatat’s sites and comparing them to your wife’s before going forward on assumptions.

I don’t know that this will work, but I’d trust actual measurements more than a guess. I am not the only woman I know who fits the unisex sizing better.

It’s baggy

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I'm 105 lbs and just under 5'3", have a K-tat Women's Small. Yeah, it's baggy but quite useable. Did she try it with a neoprene sprayskirt over the suit? That can help hold it more tightly.

They make a Unisex Small that appears to be very similar dimensions as those for the Women's Small. But I bet the part that's smaller is in the butt, NOT the torso. Probably designed for a young-teens-boy's build. Unfortunately, that size is not available in any of the Gore-tex suits. I asked about that for myself.

The good thing is that the bagginess works just fine. It's good for freedom of movement while wearing layers underneath.

If she tries Unisex or Men's, she will find that the sleeves are longer than analogous women's size, and the shoulders wider. If that works and her butt fits, also make sure the torso is not too LONG. I found that my previous suit, a Stohlquist Men's Small Gore-tex, had too long a torso even though I used it for 7 years. Worked great while paddling but I had to hold it up when walking.

The Unisex suit I referred to as tailored for young teenage boys might actually be called their XS size. Not sure, without having the K-tat catalog in front of me. Most of the measurements were similar to that of their Women's Small.

Hmmm- I will have to check
I just found some measurements on the Kayak Academy site for Kokatat suits - can’t get to Kokatat’s site at all - and am now wondering if what I have is a unisex X-small. I have to mess with food, but will check later.

I also remember that this suit is only a year old - when I sent the first one for maintenance they found delamination and I got a new one. It is a full GoreTex Expedition, with a lowered pzip.

Whatever they have, I’d better be able to replace this suit… I finally found one that fits right!

Thank you all for the helpful responses. I have a lot more to check now.


Immersion Research does custom stuff NM

Reed Chilcheaters
Reed Chilcheaters makes there stuff custom and their prices are really good

Just checked my suit, Kokatat size chart

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My suit is GoreTex Expedition, mens/ASA unisex size small, no alterations from standard. One year old.

They have an extra small in men's. Depending on your wife's feelings about using a FUD and how lean she is, you may want to check out the measurements. Here's the link to the Size chart that shows on the tab for the Meridian suit. http://www.kokatat.com/gender/mens/meridian-dry-suit-with-relief-zipper-men.html

Remember that the sizing chart assumes one layer underneath, and that you need to read how to measure. The sleeve length, for example, looks too long until you realize you are supposed to measure from higher up than the tip of the shoulder.

NRS Women’s Inversion Drysuit
I have an NRS women’s Inversion drysuit that I’m happy with. It is very narrow in the torso (good incentive to lose weight in the hips!). The torso is a bit long, but I just pull the excess up under the overskirt.

One extra I love is the light blue color - much more flattering than orange or cobalt :slight_smile:


Oh, by the way, the included Whiz Freedom funnel doesn’t work worth a damn - too flexible. Get a Freshette from Campmor.


I see the XS listed only for the men’s expedition and it is smaller in the chest and hips. How do you fond the rear entry and the hood? Are there any other notable differences?

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