Drysuit Gasket repair

I just replaced the wrist gaskets on my drysuit and was thinking how the job was similar to bicycle tire patches which led me to the idea of carrying a few no-glue press to apply inner tube patches like these https://www.amazon.com/No-glue-Rubber-Bicycle-Puncture-Patches/dp/B0758BP9ZR
Has anyone tried this? I think it would give me an added comfort level on long camping trips, knowing a small rip could be quickly fixed.

I have limped a gasket past a small rip by using an appropriate combo of a patch from a spare (easy to find sections for patch at a scuba shop) and aquaseal or just hitting an area around the neck with aquaseal… Some spots can be repaired and last a long while and others will open up so much on trying to put the top or suit back on that they are useless even with the patch. If you are desperate duct tape can get you home.

One nice thing about the ICON drysuits from Kokatat is that you carry a spare dry top and mate it with the pants - which don’t have gaskets that can rip. It won’t keep you dry in a real swim, but if you get to your destination without doing than a roll or two it’ll be fine.

I’ve used contact cement and a piece from an old inner tube before. It worked for the short time I needed it to but the repair was quite stiff and uncomfortable. Aquaseal is great stuff but takes much longer to cure than contact cement. I think there are additives to speed it up, but you don’t want to be taking a bunch of bottles in your repair kit and having to check that they aren’t all dried up before any major outings.

For $2 it’s worth a shot. You probably want to test it though before giving it your full trust.

Celia, I’ve read your comment for years and have always been so impressed by your level of care for others! Anyway, thanks for the advice. As a solo paddler, I gotta go with full immersion/swim protection.
Sparky, I think I will use the cut off portions of the wrist gasket to test a few press on patches. Thanks!

Much appreciated, thank you!
And Sparky is right about contact cement v aquaseal, if the patch will not have time to cure.

Gaskets could mean your life.

Yes, PaddleDog. I would carry these patches for long unsupported trips and replace the gaskets when safely home.

I use bicycle tube patches on Tingley rubber over shoes. Works well just rough up the rubber.

@RussSeese said:
Sparky, I think I will use the cut off portions of the wrist gasket to test a few press on patches. Thanks!

Report back here when you know the results. I’m curious now.

One thing to consider is that small punctures aren’t going to leak enough to ruin a trip or compromise your safety. A big tear or gash is a different story. A long skinny piece of thin rubber is probably going to be more versatile than a small round one.

I save replaced gasket material in an airtight bag with unopened aquaseal for emergency repair. I will have a skin reaction to contact cement if it touches my skin. Even long after it has become dry.

Found this:

I used that tear aid on my neck gasket at the end of the year as I didn’t want to change the gasket till next spring. It worked for about 5 times a few hour paddles which was good enough for me. I don’t paddle when the snow flies.

I came to the rescue once with Gorilla Tape for a neck gasket ripped vertically the entire height of it. Of all the things people were trying it was the only thing that stuck.