Drysuit improvement ideas

The Neck Tite neck gasket system got me to wondering how many paddlers would prefer such a system to the present glued-on approach used now? AND what other innovations do you think would improve drysuit design?

I am talking about realistic things here, not “Costs $100, packs into a beer can, lasts longer than plastic nurdles, fits any body, weighs 4 ounces, is invisible to Border Patrol…”

In addition to a more easy-to-replace gasket, I would prefer a drysuit that has some stretch, allowing it to be less floppy/baggy/snaggy. Also, another way to close down the zipper covers rather than Velcro, which grabs any textured surface, including the Goretex inner face itself.

ok here goes nothing
1. Neo covered latex neck gaskets

2. Lose the arm pocket

3. Stowable neo hood?

4. Booties with soles!

5. Neo fingerless glove extensions from the cuff, that you can roll back?

I feel like Velcro has been around long enough. It gets sand and grit and seaweed in it after which it doesn’t hold as fast. I know, wash my drysuit. But I wonder if there’s another means of fastening?

wee wee ?

A urine out valve. Koko sez this is difficult.

Waterproof zipper that unzips effortlessly as you head into the maelstrom.

The suit’s bagginess pumps air in and out.

whatsamatter ?

can’t afford sandals or booties ? Lose your jamies ?

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Congratulations on your moment of sobriety.

Neoprene gaskets

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I've been using neoprene gaskets in my drysuit for over 8 years now and their still like new. They are so much more comfortable, dependable and can be just as waterproof if made correctly. I find it hard to believe that manufacturers don't offer this as an extreme upgrade.

made a suit with a neo neck gasket for ‘touring’

The neck gasket leaks .36 pint first roll then .42 pint every roll following.

Mine cost $300-20% from REI

Neoprene gaskets are comfortable IF
they are sized right. But the neoprene gaskets on my Palm semi-dry are too tight, do not stretch, and have no rational way to be trimmed.

I think drytops should be sold with gaskets that fit without trimming or stretching, like dress shirts.

has a velcro clasp opens and closes like a Nehru shirt collar ?

Is what Koko’s does.

have it altered

neo neck images


‘design’ is more specific

try: https://goo.gl/qExrY5

direct from the Ether


scroll down to the bragging rights.

Japanese neoprene… !?

an uncalled for link ( UFL )

Thermo Electric
Temperature control!

Why can’t kayaking drysuit manufacturers
get it. It’s nice to see that other sports are picking up on superiority of neoprene gaskets. It’s interesting how kayaking drysuit manufacturers keep trying to use neoprene gaskets that don’t have the proper design and material to achieve the function kayakers need. If anyone is interested in making their own gaskets it’s not really that hard and it’s very inexpensive. My gaskets are completely waterproof and I spend a lot of time rolling. The roll of neoprene needed will make many gaskets and can be a fun group project that will be the last gasket you’ll ever need.

Heres a link to what works for me and my friends. https://www.flickr.com/photos/95432377@N05/8707673457/in/photostream/

The problem is…

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...that they need to be sized to each person individually, which is completely impractical from a production standpoint. Each suit would have to be customized prior to the sale, eliminating the ability to have off-the-rack suits. Perhaps this could be offered as an extra-cost, custom ordered service, but that would have limited appeal on a product that is already very pricy.

OTOH, Latex seals can be trimmed and will fit a broad range of neck/wrist/ankle sizes.

The interchangeable seal systems are appealing, but their weight, bulk and stiffness - which don't matter for diving - can be problematic for paddling. That's why they haven't caught on with paddling suit manufacturers. Again, there's also the added cost involved.

Move South
And sell your dry suit. It worked for me.

Nice job Dong
I went through your pictures on making a neoprene neck gasket. Nice job. I doubt I have the skill to do it. But looks like a nice way to make a dry suit a lot more comfy.

and miss out on this?

A drysuit expands the possibilities.

No thanks
That’s NEVER gonna’ happen!