Drysuit Neck Gasket - terminal phase?

Wanting to get my Kokatat dry suit gaskets to last this one more winter before replacing. I know the moment I mail it off double overheads will be forecast for Rhode Island Beaches.

Anyway, the edges of the gaskets are starting to stick together and the neck gasket developed a 2mm vee tear. Does anyone know of a compound I can use to span this gap and keep it from vertically tearing to the base next time I take it on or off?



really… It ain’t hard to do. Gaskets for OSsystems are the best priced.


Takes several hours to do and a day to cure. In the meantime, I would say use the old standby, duck tape, to keep the v tear from progressing…

May be some waves down your way this weekend. Sounds like sloppy wind stuff though.


Sing, thanks
Hello Sing,

Just as the gelcoat repairs dry on my Cyclone, which got torn up on the rocks at RISK, my dry suit starts to give out.

Appreciate the tips. The link you posted had a latex drysuit hood to sale…you cut out the eyes and nose holes. Hmmm.

Any experience using Marine Goop sealant … or gasket silicone on latex?


Carl, check Kokatat’s web site
They have really good instructions on doing the repairs. I replaced mine and Linda’s neck seals using OS Systems parts, Kokatat’s instructions and homemade plywood rings. Piece o’ cake!

Had similar situation with edge tear
on a Kokatat, and did not try to patch it. First, treat the gasket with 303 which should cut the self-sticking. Second, if you are worried about the tear, consider trimming the entire gasket down to below the tear. Otherwise just use it until it fails.

I recently got a Stohlquist goretex drytop for about 160 from sierratradingpost.com. If you don’t already have a breathable fabric, maybe this is the time to move up at a discount.

Two Slightly Different Approaches
here’s one by NOC using a minicell foam ring:


Here’s Kokatat’s method using either plywood or cardboard set of rings:


I opted for kokatat’s method of using flat cardboard rings. Doesn’t waste minicell (not wasted if you plan to have more than one neck gasket repair. :wink: ). I just trimmed the old gasket down to where it meets the goretex fabric. This leaves about a 1" band of latex overlapping the fabric. I glued the new latex over that. Haven’t had a leak yet.

I would avoid marine goop. It’s too thick and doesn’t spread well. In fact, when I used it for a booties gasket replacement, I had to do it over again because of the unevenness and resulting seepage. Go with the Aquaseal.


Don’t use Marine Goop
The label on the tube I have says it is waterproof, but then it says that it is not recommended for use in extended submersion in warm water, or something to that effect.

I imagine a warm, sweaty human being in snug contact with the goop is similar to submersion in warm water. Not worth trying, IMO.

Got a bike patch kit?
You can use that for the 2mm tear if it’s not at an edge.

I have never repaired a drysuit gasket, but I have used these butyl patches on latex tubes and they work fine together, using the standard rubber cement in those kits. No leaks.

I’d consider it a temporary repair till you can replace the gaskets, though.

Agreed about GOOP
I use it for a lot of things, but when it came to replacing the seals, I bit the bullet and bought glue from OS Systems.

Got a friend in the medical profession?
There’s a dressing called “Tegaderm” that is used to place over IV sites. Sticks to rubber like crazy is mildly flexible and will prevent any further tearing. May be able to pick some up at your local pharmacy.

Thanks all! …and, Kokatat responded
Want to try all your suggestions! I finally tried ductaping the gap the stabilize it, while I cut away the edge of the gasket (three inches on either side of the tear with a razor making as smooth a cut and gradient as I could.

Just after I finished, Kokatat responded:

Thanks for the inquiry. While it sounds like the gasket is in immenent

need of replacement, you can probably put a dab of Aquaseal glue on the

tear to maximize the life potential of the gasket.

there you have it.

I’ll post the result of my fix, if it fails or makes it to late spring.


prevent this from happening
prevent this from happening by:

1.) avoiding excess heat ie drying them in the sun.

2.) rince after each use, just take it into the shower, the acidic properties of sweat contribute to this

3.) use a uv protectant such as 303

4.) cut the gaskets down to avoid “overstretching” on each use, they will last longer this way.

Happy Paddling


You forgot to mention…
…keep sunscreen (especially oil-based) away from your seals.

Good info & links.

I blew a gasket today.

I’ve had success using Goop for doing wrist gaskets, though it is a little ugly and thick. I’ve also had good success with dabs of Aquaseal on nicks, and I’ll use it to do the neck. I haven’t had good luck with the self-adhesive bike patches, the gaskets are too stretchy.