Drysuit question: Tropos vs TriTon NRS

Good news: lost lost of weight. Bad news: my drysuit could hold 2 people. So I sold it and need to buy one that fits. How does Kokatat’s Tropos compare with NRS’s Triton?

I had an NRS Extreme, but no one local has anything with Tropos, so I can’t compare “live”. I’ve read all I can … lots of opinions … ranging from Tropos is the next best thing to Goretex (Kayak Academy), to it’s not very breathable or durable. One site says that Tropos is NOT vapor permeable.

I had an NRS Extreme … first drysuit, so nothing to compare it too. Seemed to breath fine … very durable fabric. What I like about the Tropos Meridian is the fit looks better for me, and with 15% off I can get it for less than the Extreme.

Just wondering of anyone has anything new to add about these fabrics?

Where located?
I know of a few people that have the Tropos suits. Also think that quite a few shops in NE stock.

Where do you live in NE?


have one
I have a tropos meridian and love it, have had it two years now. also got it frow kayak academy and was very pleased with their service. kokatat custom sized mine, not sure if they still do. great suit for the money! in my opinion.

I can help…
I have a Kokatat Re-Action Semi-Dry top that has Tropos and tried the NRS Triton Drysuit (Extreme Relief).


Tropos has better drape/hand than Trition. What I mean by that is that Triton material is stiffer or more “boardy”. The boardiness could be because of several factors, different fabric weave, differnt yarn weight, or more/less membrane coating.

Both are durable, tear resistant,and fairly rugged. I don’t know about breathability of the Triton as I don’t own the Extreme Relief suit, but I hear it isn’t too bad, but certainly not like GTX. The Tropos fabric is probably similar to the Triton as far as breathability. As far as the Tropos, it is too bad. I definitely feel the difference between Tropos and GTX. With Tropos I am definitely more damp that GTX after a equivalent paddle exertion

I hope that this helps.


Tropos is great
My wife and I have been very happy with our Tropos Meridians. We got them from the Kayak Academy, and had a chance to try them against the more expensive Goretex suits. There was a difference in breathability, but not a dramatic difference. For the price, it is hard to beat the Tropos.

George and Barbara also have a great supply, give great service, and are just nice people to deal with.

Tropos and Triton are very different…

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These are two very different materials...so it's a bit of apples and oranges.

Tropos is a urethane coated 2-layer fabric (an outer nylon layer coated with a waterproof breathable urethane on the inside).

Triton is a 3-layer laminate that sandwiches a microporous waterproof breathable layer in between 2 layers of nylon. It's basically a Gore-Tex knock-off.

Coated 2-layer fabrics are less expensive but tend not to be as breathable and don't have the longevity of 3-layer materials. Over time, the coating can wear off. Also, because the inside is coated, they tend to be less comfortable...especially if you're paddling in warm weather/cold water environments and don't have a lot of layering on underneath...the coating is grippy.

Depending on how much use the garment gets, you have to weigh the pros and cons of price. I like Kokatat's products, and have a tropos Whirlpool Bib. I don't use it a lot so it seems sufficient. I mate it up with a GoreTex XCR drytop, which gets a lot more use throughout the year, and so I felt I needed the durability and comfort of that fabric.

Triton > Tropos
Triton is a super tough and breathable 3-layer material which I’ve found compares very well with Goretex. Tropos is not nearly as tough and breathes well but not as well. Tropos is a good price point material but Triton quality is much better.

So do I have this right…
1). Both Tropos and TriTon use a non-Gortex microporous, specially coated, waterproof breathable layer to allow vapor to pass through and keep water out.

2). TriTon sandwiches this breathable layer between nylon layers (total 3 layers), giving it more durabiity (and stiffness)and a less slick feel on the inside when worn against the skin. The inside nylon layer also protects the coating, helping it last longer.

3). Tropos uses a nylon layer on the outside only (2 layers), which results in a less stiff feel, but exposes the breathable layer to persperation and internal abrasion, and allowing for a more “slick” feel against the skin when not using layers.

If I’ve got this right, then both farbrics should be somewhat the same regarding breathability, right? Neither is quit as good as Goretex. Or is there a difference in the breathable layer itself?

If both are basically the same, then could some people percieve that the Tropos is less breathable, especially when worn against the skin, because of the “slick” feel of the breathable layer when the suit gets hot inside?

But have you considered the Palm Stikine? Very nice suit, great breathability, relief zip, booties, same ball park price. Very happy with mine. Super heavy duty.

More layers typically means better breathability rating. As for neither being as good as Goretex, I actually think the Triton probably breathes every bit as well as Goretex. With Goretex (which I have some stuff in Goretex as well), you’re paying a price premium for the name and the lifetime warranty on the material.

Souther NE … 495 near Franklin …
I’ve talked to the folks at Charles River … but they don’t have any suits in stock. They are running 15% off Kokatat dry suits. That makes the Tropos Meridian w\zip and socks $526… less than the NRS Extreme Relief … $149 less than the new NRS Inversion.

Palm …
… has the zipper in the back, right? Haven’t taken a look at that one, but I’ve seen some posts on it … sounds like a nice suit.

The zipper is in the back. A bit of a pain if you need to do it up alone, but I carry a piece of rope that I use to close it when I solo. And don’t really need the rope, it just cuts down on the contortions required to work the zipper without it!

check out
Stohlquist B-POD. Can often get a good deal on Ebay. I’m currently using a Ravenspring, which is analogous to Tropos. It’s been fine. The BPOD is analogous to the Tritan fabric, very well built, and has a neo rather than latex neck with is dry, more comfortable, and less prone to tear. Having had to repair a neck gasket with duct tape on a long rough water paddle and having used the neo gasket on IR drytops, I like the neo neck much better.

stohlquist bpot all the way for me!!!
love mine…

soooo comfy…had it on two days ago in RI…

there is a few on ebay…def get one with a



Well, order a Tropos Meridian …
… Through a local paddle shop … 15% off. I know there are other choices out there, but looking at the size charts, the Kokatat looks like it will fit me best.

Just can’t justify the Goretex, although I know it would be more breathable and last longer. Breathable is important for me … here in Southern New England, spring time paddles often mean water temps in the 40’s and 50’s, with air temps in the 70’s. A drysuit is of no value when it’s at home, and a more breathable (ie comfortable) suit is more likely to be worn on those days when the air temp is up there. On the other hand, I paddle once a week, starting usually in April, so that’s maybe 6 - 8 usages in the spring. Just can’t justify spending an incremental $250 over the $550 the Meridian will cost… unless I give up some other hobbies.