DrySuit Relief Zipper thru the crotch?

rainbow= drop seat
The zip is shaped like a upside down smile or a rainbow - hence the nick name.


The Frownie zip
With the exception of my first drysuit which was a man’s with the front zip, I’ve always had a “frownie”. While it’s a medium because of my torso length – according to the Kokatat charts/the Kokatat rep I should be in a small – I’ve never had an issue with discomfort from sitting on the zip nor had any trouble wet exiting, whether from my NDK LVs or my husband’s ocean cockpit Pintail.

As long as you keep the zipper well waxed, there isn’t a problem with unzipping, and making use of the facilities, natural or man made. Of course, I’ve never done this in the boat, either, which would probably prove rather interesting if not dangerous.

The idea of a crotch zip makes me cringe. I do have one on my NRS wetsuit, but I wear a bathing suit under it so I’ve not had the “grab and pinch” problem.

No - wet re-entry
Where you get back into the boat upside down to roll it up. I find it catches the backband.

I don’t think anyone suggested that it created a problem getting out of the boat. I can guarantee you if it did, I’d not wear the drysuit that has the drop seat.

As Celia mentions below,

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(make that mentions above ^)
I've heard complaints from women I've paddled with about it digging in, especially on long expeditions.
I've not tried it, since I'm perfectly happy with the front relief zipper and my FUD.


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....you mean a re-entry and roll. Can't say I've
had a problem doing it nor getting back into my boat doing a cowboy or taco. But then, I don't have backbands, just shaped foam blocks on both boats. I feel they're safer and more comfortable as there's nothing to catch your gear/clothing on.

Some women paddling buddies and I
got together last summer just to see if it was really possible to pee on the water in a drysuit. I can attest that It is. You need at least one support person, and two is better, but it really can be done. And I’m a better woman for the experience. I’ve never really needed to do it, but I’m happy to know that I could.

Thanks to all of the experience
I really enjoy reading the different viewpoints on this topic. I just got a dropseat kokatat and liner for Christmas and I haven’t used it on a major trip yet. I am hoping that it will work out great. I can’t imagine using a front relief zipper, but maybe I am not being inventive enough. :slight_smile:

Thanks to all of the great women who have been there, done that, and are willing to share their experiences. I hope to be able to get out on the water soon…40 degrees today, hopefully climbing daily, and the first thing I want to do is to get out on the local water with the new suit and get it wet.

see ya paddlin