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I found an NRS Extreme Relief Drysuit made out of 420-denier NRS Triton fabric…Is this quality material that will last many years?..How does it compare with Gore-tex?..I’m looking for the most quality of drysuits in the $400-$500 range???Need all the help I can get-thanks!

I have the one you are looking at
(without the relief zipper), I have had it for 4 years without any problems.

KOKATAT under $300. Unheard of.

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Until now.


By the way, booties are nice, but if you mail this back to Kokotat directly, they'll add them if you want for about $100-$125. People mail stuff back to Kok all the time for new gaskets, pee zips, footies, etc. So, start with this, vry highly recommended suit with metal zippers, etc., then see what else you need (if you need anything else) for comfort. Bohemia on Pnet loves his, this exact model. And he is an avid paddler and has been out in some very cold conditions.

NRS drysuits
I used the NRS Extreme Relief drysuit last season.

Material is heavier than many other suits. Good for WW use, maybe too much for flatwater - it makes for a heavier/stiffer suit (personally I appreciate the buffer on any water).

Breathability is reported to be less than a GoreTex suit but has not presented any problems for me. It’s certainly less breathable than a wool shirt but sooooo much better than coated nylon.

Bright color, solid construction, booties and a pee-zip - in my opinion, it’s a very good suit for the price.

My opinion: that $ range->Stohlquist
Love the bpod…more comfy than a latex neck and just as dry…

very breathable materials…

nice price too…

the river connection is selling some on ebay…(nice guy to deal with too-marshall)

hit up the product review part of p.net for more info

second that

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I've had a bpod for a few months now, enough to test it out. I don't have a skinny neck so the new neck gasket doesn't leak on me at all, and is much more comfortable than a latex gasket.

Outdoorplay has them also for $460, minus 15% membership credit (membership costs $25, I believe), and free shipping.

Son and I both

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have NRS extremes. Good tough suit, no leakage AT ALL. Real pleased.Decent breathability.Seems like they standardized booties, sure glad we have them; dry feet are a joy. Bought ours at Outdoorplay.com; cheaper than NRS site . The membership pays for itself.

I have
a Palm Stikine; very heavy material, but high quality workmanship and no leaks. I’ve been using it on relatively warm(ish) days here in Seattle (low 60’s to high 70’s), mainly because the water is still pretty cold, and I have yet to notice any problems with breathability.

My suit was about $700.00, but the Palm Classic Runs about $400.00, I think.

$375 it appears (not “under 300”).

The Tropos is a two layer material. I suspect that a three layer material (like the NRS or Stolquist) might hold up better.

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$375.00 $263.00

Just bought an NRS Extreme
and used it last week at my Instructor Update and then a weekend symposium. Very comfortable, absolutely no leakage. The fabric is heavier than others but I did not find it obtrusive. I got it from Outdoorplay and used my p.net paddling perks discount; saved a bundle! I think it’s a steal.