Drysuit sock allowance

Just bought a pair of dry bibs with attached socks.

I plan on wearing a base layer and heavy insulated socks under suit for early spring and fall paddling.

I know i’m going to have to buy a new pair of neop

boots to go with the new setup. My question is how much allowance should i give to compensate for the addional layers. One or two or ? shoe sizes.

depends on the shoe…
In my experience, most kayak shoes tend to run a bit small. I had to go up one size to wear kayak shoes normally and two sizes to fit thick socks in drysuit booties. For reference I wear mostly NRS footwear.

I went up 1 size

Ditto That…
Anymore would just get bunched and pinched in the shoes. All you need is to fit perhaps thin thermax sock and then a 200 fleece sock over that to stay warm (as long as it doesn’t get too damp/wet inside).


you’ll find DRY feet are warm w/o a ton of bulky sox. I wear a med boot sox and wear 11. I normally wear 10.5 shoes.