Drysuit Weather?

I dug out the drysuit yesterday for the last dam release of the year the Piscataquog River in Goffstown NH. It’s not a tough paddle, and it’s really short, but the paddle ends with a great BBQ, so it has become a bit of a ritual for the local RI crew to attend.

The water turned on at 10:00, and we headed downstream around 10:30.

I started off with a swim on the very first rapid. I wasn’t paying attention and flipped on a rock as I was grabbing my camera for a picture. The water was only knee deep, so I was quickly back in my boat with little more than a bruised ego. I was glad I had the drysuit on.

We worked our way down to the surf wave at Henry Bridge Road. I did my usual side surfing flip at this hole, but each year I last a little longer. This year, I lasted about 45 seconds before the inevitable flip.

Few pictures here:


No video this year, but some of my prior flips in the Henry Bridge Road hole:


It appears…
…as though, despite your tradition in current- transversal subaqueous inversions being upheld in all its unrighteous manner, you have maintained a cheerful countenance. Even with that mark of Johnson & Johnson’s Zorro adorning your pate fore plate!

Looks like a fun day, and that you had some fine company there, what with Mr. Kaz and a few of his attractive hulls flowing along with you. Thanks for the fine pics, even with that rock bound sticky shutter.

deja vu’ all over again

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as I glance through the pix and see your paddle on the uphill side of that hole you're about to sidesurf lol...
Good pix though, but I think we Encore drivers must be getting even rarer. Lots of nice little composite boats in there. Good to have water.
Borderline on the drysuit for me today. Poling NB w/ Fred, upper section. Think I'll bring it with me along with a change of clothing, but just pack it in a drybag. Section is pretty mellow, but energy expenditure....well, it's poling. NB used to be my drysuit season start paddling, even if it meant t-shirt and shorts underneath.

Some things never change Matt

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I'm a lefty - always a lefty. Switching sides just doesn't work for me, but I did last a little long this year ;-)

May have to invest in a new boat in the near future....

Head injury not paddling related
Hit my head loading gear in the car before I left.

Definitely paddling in good company with lots of good open boaters…