drysuit zipper

Is there any magic spray-on, smudge-on miracle treatment that I can apply to a drysuit zipper if I suspect it’s leaking a bit?

Could be the seam around the zipper obviously, I’ll deal with that too, probably just with some goop.

Thanks, Pat.

My experience…

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FWIW, I used to maintain drysuits and did more than a few repairs. Main zips didn't usually leak without actual visible damage to the teeth, but they quite often leaked at the seams where they attach. Our fix was to invert the suit and coat the seams with Aquaseal thinned with Cotol (toluene) to maintain flexibility.
For everyday maintenance on the zip teeth, we made up blocks of 50/50 Parowax and beeswax.
Hope that helps.

Candle wax
If it is stiff rub a little candle wax on it some times they don’t close all the way.

there’s a commercial zipper wax called ZIP WAX. go figure.

candle wax works. I think wax will do nothing for leaks, just making it EZ to operate. Like Magoo said it’s probably the seam. The one spot zips do leak is right at the end. if you put a very small dab of vaseline right where the zipper closes it works. Kokatat tech rep gave me that one!


It’s actually the bottom few inches of the zipper. Could be the seams, which I’ll touch up, but I think it’s the zipper. Doesn’t look damaged.

I was waxing my skis today, should’ve dropped some on!


Zippy Cool
Rght Flatpick. The product is sold in the US as Zippy Cool. It is advised by YKK and others to NOT use silicone, paraffin, beeswax, etc, as these products hasten the wear of the interlocking parts by preventing them from mating properly.

Here is the URL and description


Zippy Cool Cleaning & Lubricating Kit—approved by

An effective “non-silicon” way to clean and lubricate all types of zippers—metal, coil and plastic (Sailrite Part #350). Contains cleaning fluid and a wax lubricant with application brush.

I’ll pick up some zipper wax (as well as some gasket-care stuff), but I’m not really asking about lubricating the zipper: I was concerned with making sure it doesn’t leak.

Haven’t done the seams yet, but did try the dab of vaseline. Had 2 ww swims today, 1 very quick, but 1 involved some trashing around, and I didn’t get wet.

Beats the heck of the 2-piece roll-together unit I was trying to believe in previously. The 2-piecers do not work.