drytop care in saltwater?

i used my kokatat dry top for the first time in saltwater. it is the one with tropos fabric, and i was wondering what i should do to it before i store it? i sprayed it out, inside and out, with fresh hose water, and hung it up to dry. should i wash it with soap after each use, or is a freshwater rinse ok?

no wash
I try to wash waterproof/breatheable fabrics as little as possible. Seems like it might break down the coatings and membranes faster. I just rinse and dry all my stuff. Then store it in a dark place that won’t get hot.

washing off the salt
Deermaster, you did the right thing getting the salt off with fresh water – no soap.

Eventually you may have to spray the outside of your drytop with some stuff, I forget the name, that makes water bead up. Durable water-repellant something. (I just went looking for mine but didn’t find it.) Maybe once a year or so. Anyway, email the vendor (did you say Kokotat?) and ask them exactly how to take care of your new drytop. The info may be on their web site too.

Ginger in NC

Drytop care:
Check out the NRS website. If you can’t get all you need from what’s written, just give 'em a call. Very knowledgeable and helpful people.