drytop & drypants

Do you layer the drypant inside the drytop or the other way? My drysuit is having zipper issues so I am relying on drytop/pant combo.

Don’t you have an inner and outer?
True dry tops I’ve seen have an inner layer for under the dry pant waist, and another for outside. You could put the skirt in there too, but in any case there should be an layer that clearly goes inside the pants. Or am I missing something in your post?

Look at these pictures

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Two additional steps
Until I win the lottery, I’m stuck with a bib/drytop combo. I do these steps in addition to those illustrated by Kokatat:

-if there is any slack in the fold (i.e. if there’s room between your chest and the fold), gather the excess into a bight and fold it sideways on top of the fold. Get it as tight as you can.

-wear a sprayskirt with a snugly-fitting neoprene tunnel and make sure the top of the tunnel is over the fold all the way around. Make especially sure it’s holding the folded bight in place. You’ll probably need help doing the back.

drytop & drypants
It is a drytop with inner & outer layers. I have been tucking the drypants under the drytop innerskirt, but have not tried fold or rolling them together.

Putting the sprayskirt under the outer shell of the drytop reduces the amount of water that can get into the cockpit. Same reason why you can get drysuits with an overskirt.