DryTop fit question

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Just got my first dry top - Level Six Mack. Curious about what you would consider long enough sleeves. If you can tell me both the position of the latex gasket that works for you (how much above your wrist) and how much of your wrist is exposed outside the neoprene over the gasket.

In normal paddling it seems my sleeves would be as long as I would want them to be. Only if I do a motion such as in rolling or otherwise stretch my arms to the biggest arch possible, does the neoprene cover around the wrists move about 1 to 1.5 inches above the wrist joint where I like it otherwise.

I do not feel a pull or any restriction in motion otherwise, even with lots of thick layers under the dry top, so I'm mostly curious about the sleeve length...

And the second question - if you think that sleve length is short, I would need to go for an XXL size. Would you consider the extra volume and flabs of fabric of an XXL size around my body a problem? I fit OK in the XL size as it is - enough room for the most layers I'd ever want to have under...

sleeve length
I like to look for sleeve length to allow for you to have elbows totally bent and fists on your chest without the sleeve pulling up.

Based on what you said, you don’t have that but you do have enough room to allow for plenty of layers. Might mean you have long arms and are trip for your length…

That said - too big is never good. Too big is too much room for your body to have to heat up to keep you warm or you need to fill it with fleece to take up the empty space. To much fabric causes the fabric to abrade which creates little tiny pin poles to let in water.

So - you will need to decide how much is too short and how much is too much room based on your own preferences.


Fists on my chest?
“I like to look for sleeve length to allow for you to have elbows totally bent and fists on your chest without the sleeve pulling up.”

Not sure I can visualize this. The only time the sleeves pull is when I have my elbows completely bent, fists together just under my chin and trying to touch my elbows at the same plane. Is this what you are describing above? This pull is the worst I can induce - worse than in a typical paddling or rolling position and I’m not sure I would assume this test position in the water, so not sure how much that matters -:wink:

Anyway, the pull in this position I can feel in the back panel as well. Then my sleeves pull 1-2 inches from the base of the hand at the wrist where I like them to be…

The neck gasket also feels rather stiff. Any idea how much it would loosen-up over the first few sessions?

…just my $.01…

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kocho...I'd go up a size, OR..I might go for getting in touch with Level Six to see if you can pick up longer/wider surfaced gasket somewhere!
...as that seems as though that would solve the problem...y/n? Give them a call and talk to Cust Serv...Paddler!....ask if every other aspect of fit balloons with next size up...not always uniform!

OC-1 guy's $.01,

sleeve length
Yes - on bending your elbows and fists on chin/chest. The point is to make sure you have enough length to bend your arms the most you could ever need and still have enough room across the back. If your sleeves are shifting 1-2" it sounds like you do not.


Thanks - that’s how I feel too
I’ll be getting one size bigger. It looks I would need to go for a different brand too, since the seller does not carry XXL…

Be aware that when you change brands, you may be a different size. If you are buying on line, read the manufacturer’s sizing information to be sure.


That’s the catch!
I actually contacted the manufacturer and they suggested XL or even L. Their sizing online is not very helpful to me as I fall in two if not three categories, depending on which of my measurements I look at -:wink:

And due to cost I am buying online and the particular brands are not available in-store in my area, so no way to try first…

There’s the difficult. You need to buy for your biggest part. Anyone who is between sizes is always faced with that. Size charts and checking with manufacturers if you are borderline is the only way to tell.


All I can say is
That Level Six in Canada has been very responsive to my questions as has been the retailer (CKS). Wait and see if they help me with the exchage for an XXL and how it fits when it arrives…

Luckily, the waters will still be warm enough for the next couple of weeks to not need a drytop, yet.