Drytop / Spraytop fpr Big Men >2XL

Hey There,

i am currently looing for a new Drytop/Spraytop, the problem is that i need an quite large one, as the XXL Sizes of Palm and NRS are not fitting me.

Currently i am using a drytop of the brand “artistic” which seems to no longer exist, so i won’t be able to buy the same one again.

Please, if you have any advices on brands and stores which can help me here, let me know!

Best regards!

I suggest that you contact Kokotat. I bought a Kokotat semi-drysuit because a Canadian whitewater instructor that I trust recommended it as the best brand. I can tell you that my XL Kokotat is much bigger and roomier than my XL NRS sunshirts so maybe a XXL Kokotat will be a good fit for you. I believe they can also make a custom size for you if needed.


Kokatat size chart and measure yourself carefully. Then order it.

Scroll down on page for size chart.

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