Dual Cartop Carrier?

I have seen dual or tandem car top carriers. Can’t remember the brand. I would like to get a second small Pelican sit in like my own short fat one. Is there any way to carry two of these at once on top of my Nissan Pathfinder? Would appreciate any links to products or suggestions. Not interested in trailers. Thanks.

shouldn’t be a problem

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I've always carried two and even three boats (kayaks and canoes) on my cars, including a tiny older Subaru wagon and Honda sedan. If you look around, you'll see that most people carry two boats. If the boats are wide you just get longer cross bars and/or use J-racks (Thule Hull-a-ports) to put them on at an angle. My j-racks come on and off easily and I put as many on as I need each time I go out.

Racks don't come as "tandems". A rack is just a rack and it's up to you to put as many accessories on it as you need and that will fit to carry what you want. Like this:


You can get the j-racks or straight up "stackers" for between $80 and $150 a set. Less if you can find used ones on Ebay like I did.

just get a second set of saddles or J cradles.

I am forever changing mine out to carry two or three at one time

Jack L

Yep! A second set
One of my coworkers was selling off a second set of Thule J hook this winter. They are the fancy kind that fold down and also have a slot for the top strap.

I only have one kayak at the moment.

One never know when one might want to haul a second one or buy another one. Now I have a place to put that elusive second kayak.

Malone SeaWings
I carry two boats side by side on my Hyundai Elantra sedan. Great system. Much easier for me to load than J hooks or stackers.


I have gone 2 ways
I have thule stackers in the center of my roof, and folding thule J racks on the outside edges of the roof and I can carry 4 kayaks easily. If I am only hauling 2 I generally use the J racks as they are easier and faster to load and unload. In my opinion the J racks are easier on plastic boats during the summer.

For WW and Rec boats
Stackers are really perfect and more cost effective than buying two sets of cradles. Rec boats can be (I mean, are usually)quite wide, so placing them on their sides with a stacker may be the only option for some car roofs. Of course, if you already own a set of J-cradles and calculate you have enough room, buying a 2nd set may be more cost effective.

I’ve been using this:


I bought a set new for $75 (Can)on sell at Canadian Tire last year.

Hey Cisco,
If you’re a young, tall, strong dude, stackers and J hooks will do you just fine.

If you’re 5’3" with a bad back, Malone SeaWings will save you a lot of pain and aggravation.