Dubrovnik Croation Info

Hello, Does anyone have any information about paddling in Dubrovnik? I am heading that way and would like to paddle. Tips on outfitters would be appreciated. Thanks!


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I paddled from Zadar to Dubrovnik in 2002 and from Dubrovnik to Starigrad on Hvar in 2005. I used my Feathercraft Katsalano so I didn't need an outfitter, but I think there is one in Dubrovnik that you could find with Google. Let me know what info you are looking for. I am out of town right now and I am going on a paddle 1-4 July, but I will try to help with any info I have when I get back.

I have some pictures from the 2002 trip on my website: www.arledge.cc, I haven't loaded the ones from the 2005 trip yet


Sea Kayaker
There was an article on paddling Croatia in Sea Kayaker or one of the other mags maybe six months ago.

Hello, thanks for the information. I was able to find an outfitter and took a guided trip around the island of Kolocep. I took a lot of pictures and will post them when I get back to my computer. Writing this from an internet park (literally in the park) about 100 meters from the beach!

Thanks again!

Here are pictures from Croatia.


National Geographic Adventure
In two different issues this past Spring, Adventure magazine (a National Geographic publication) had several awesome articles and photos on paddling in Croatia. Maybe you could find the issues at your local library.

As you would imagine, this is a great magazine with interesting articles and photos. It is truly a bargain at around $12-$14 for an annual subscription.

Check it out!