Dubside rolling video

howdy. for those of you who have this video, is it worth the bucks? it’s pretty spendy in Cda and i’m not sure i want to shill it out but i’m tempted. is it strictly GL stuff, or is there general good technique material?

If you are new to rolling and want to learn the extended paddle roll, I think Jay Babina’s First Roll is a better bet. However, if you are interested in working the Greenland Roll progression, it is w/o question the best thing out there. You can find much of what is in Dubside’s video in other places, but not in one place, and the production values are first rate.

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the Dubside DVD is required in any collection of paddling techniques…I’m hopefull the second DVD will come out soon.


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in rolling translates.

It's the way you use your legs, not the paddle.

Dubsides vidio is (my opinion) the best on the market today. when he rolls the sit on top you are able to see the exact leg forces needed to roll any boat. This video shows him rolling several barge like kayaks and I believe that since all rolls are related there is no real definition that makes any particular roll "only a Greenland" roll. Most of them can be done with any kind of paddle (Greenland or Euro)

The better any paddler gets at rolling the closer people tend to think of them as a Greenland paddler.....since Greenland style uses the water instead of fighting the water(little fear of tipping). But so do good Euro paddlers. So I guess if you switch to a Greenland paddle in the process.....You become a Greenland paddler, but not really because of being able to do multiple differant rolls. There are many people that use Greenland paddles, but can't dependably roll....it's not the paddle

WW and park and play boaters do multiple rolls too....but use Euro blades

Here's Alex in fine form....fat paddle does him absolutly no good


Quality in rolling supercedes Greenland or Euro
here is Leon Somme doing a swan roll...notice his paddle on the deck (a Euro)


if you want to watch pure poety in rolling watch Cheri Perry sometime....it's like a ballet show

Rolling and being one with boat and water is quite an art, rolling without splashing all over the place.....is very fun and peaceful



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Just received mine yesterday. Watched it with great interest last night and this morning.

For first roll I think EJ and Jay Babina together is the best.

But for the next level, this Dubside CD looks great! Here’s my take.

Leaves me completely commited to improving my body flexibility.

Very clear on the motion of the legs, as someone else mentioned.

Excellent treatment of the lay back side scull.

Very clear explanation and demonstration of the principles of the standard layback roll, followed by clear explanations and tips for the various Greenland rolls in lay back.

Then ditto for forward finishing roles; starting with forward side scull, then basic principles of the forward finishing roll, then very clear demonstration of the same greenland rolls but forward finishing.

Covers progression from shotgun rool, to throwing stick role, to hand roll, which is cool.

Absolute must have for a greenland style paddler wishing to progress beyond the standard roll.

Very valuable for anyone interested in rolling, as the basic principles are universal.

I’m going to the pool session tonight, for the first time with the knowlege and inspiration to progress beyond the standard eskimo roll.

Paul S.

One thing that I have noticed
in different people who are efficient with many of the greenland rolls is that they are very flexable and are dedicated to stretching. I am 49 years old and have been working on my flexability for the past three years do to my interest in rolling. The greater range of motion I have gained has greatly enhanced my rolling ability and many other parts of my life as well. Stretching is by far the best thing I have ever started to do and I still have a ways to go before I am close to were I would like to be. Greenland rolling has been my main inspiration for stretching but now I feel so much younger that I would never stop.


Many of the Greenland rolling teachers (Cherri Perry and Turner Wilson, for example) begin their teaching sessions with yoga. Yoga offers benefits beyond simply stretching, among them the ability to stay calmly and mindfully present with experience. Here are two books that Turner recommends one on restorative yoga, the other on Yin yoga:

Relax and Renew: Restful Yoga for Stressful Times by Judith Lasater

Yin Yoga, a Quiet Practice, by Paul Grilley



I think I’m the exception…
I’m probably one of the least flexible greenland style rollers out there. Of course that’s a big reason why I typically do more rolling in my larger sea kayak and whitewater boats than my ultra low volume SOF. I’ve been able to do most of the rolls on the list but I know that the under the hull sculling roll will continue to elude me until I can develop some hamstring flexibility. If I had flexibility like the other greenland rollers, I would have a much easier time in SOF qajaqs. Oh well, it’s something to work towards. :slight_smile:

Recommend yoga video series.

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Yes, my wife and I were just talking about this last night. She goes to Yoga class. We both want to start doing yoga at home to video though. She has a couple series. Don’t know what they’re called. I figure it’s all good. But if there’s some top recommendations, that’s good to know too.

By the way, I can’t see how increased flexibility could possibly improve life outside of rolling. Let’s see, it helps for rolling in the water, and for rolling in the hay. What else is there?

Paul S.

Good for you, Don
I’ve never been that much for stretching in the past. I’m the anxious type. It seems kind of boring and I’ve never had a good enough reason to keep it up. I started doing it sporadically though, a few nights a week for rolling. Now I’m gonna go for nightly with long range goals.

Paul S.

just plauding those who stretch
yesterday in the steam room post swim I put my nose on my knee for the first time-both legs…it has taken some time to get to this point.

I was introduced to stretching at Sweetwater 4 years ago and incorporated it into my daily routing…the only thing it costs is time and as mentioned above it translates into dividends in other sports, besides it feels good and is a goal in itself.

paul-check out the Yoga for paddlers
DVD…love it…had it for awhile…and the positios are definitely meant to provide rolling stretching…

5 Types of Kayak Rolls…
For a quick overview of the 5 Types of Whitewater Kayak Rolls check out the Chris Spelius series. It is pretty complete with

much good information about relating the

roll to the core of the body.