Duck Hunting From a Kayak?

I have an Old Town Loon 138 and i fish and camp out of it. It appears to me that it would make a very good duck hunting boat. Does andyone have any advice to get stated or tips to make hunting easier that would be greatly apreciated. Also I was wondering how to camaflouge my boat so that i can remove the camloflage to move around. i was reading my local laws and it said that i cannot move around with a camflagouged boat so thats why the camo has to be removable. Thanks for any tips.

Just one
If your shotgun has a heavy kick, learn how to roll back up.

Just kidding. I have no idea about hunting from a kayak, but just got some heavy-duty “equal and opposite reaction” imagery in my head when I read your post and it made me chuckle.

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what about painting?
I can’t imagine a camo paint job would, in effect, be illegal. So, how about painting it camo and then using a pullover camo blind for the top that you could then drop/take down/whatever?

Seems to me the easiest way to skin this cat.

I’ve never used a Loon but I believe it’s the same boat as a Predator, which is designed (or at least marketed w.the addition of some goodies) for sporting purposes. Looks like a good boat for hunting.

Think OT dropped the Predator 138,
the big cockpit version of the Loon 138 (old Loon). OT still has the Predator 140, the solo version of the Twin Otter. Don’t know if that extra 4" in length and about 3.5" in width makes a big difference when shooting.

Not out of the Possible
I have a friend who shot a 3.5" 12g magnum shell from his Benelli while in his poke boat. He was facing broadsides. He, in fact, did go over and out. From then on, he would only shoot straight ahead, and I think he converted to 3" shells when hunting from the poke.


Duck Hunting
I do all of my duck hunting out of my wilderness kayak which is very similar to the Lagoon. I found the easiest way to camoflage my boat is a sheet of camo burlap. You can buy a 15x15 sheet at Walmart for under ten bucks. I simply cut a hole in the center for the cockpit and placed the sheet over the body. I trimmed the excess so there wouldn’t be alot of overhang in the water creating drag when I paddle. Whats great about this is that you can easily remove the cover if you want to get brave and actively persue Ducks. I think its a state by state law on wether you can use external camo(anything other than paint) on your boat while actively persuing ducks. I personally remove mine when i’m paddling, I already ahve enough drag with all my gear.I always start each morning sitting in a reed patch, sometimes in or out of the boat. I dont use any blinds or extra cover (other than the burlap),and sometimes deploy up to ten decoys. I usually get real bored sitting, so i take a more aggressive approach by paddling along the shore line until I spot or jump some Ducks. The low profile of the kayak gives you a great advantage and there are no laws against forward progress in a one man boat using a paddle. However, If you were in a canoe with one person paddling and the other shooting, that would be illegal. I have shot from every position out of my kayak using a pump 12ga and 3" shells without ever coming close to tipping over. I have either got my daily bag or come really close to my daily limit everytime I’ve used the combined approaches. I would recommend tethering your gun to the boat as I have dropped my gun in the water on more than one ocassion trying to situate myself.