Duck Hunting From a Kayak?

i have this posted in the fishing section as well but thought i could put it in here too to see if someoune had an idea. I have an Old Town Loon 138 and i fish and camp out of it. It appears to me that it would make a very good duck hunting boat. Does anyone have any advice to get stated or tips to make hunting easier that would be greatly apreciated. Also I was wondering how to camaflouge my boat so that i can remove the camloflage to move around. i was reading my local laws and it said that i cannot move around with a camflagouged boat so thats why the camo has to be removable. Thanks for any tips.

camo paint job
I guess the easiest solution would be to repaint the boat in a camo pattern. That would elimate the masking and unmasking you suggest.

I generally paddle to an island, setup on shore and cover the yak. I don’t shoot from the yak.

In my case there are plenty of islands, your place may be different.


I don’t hunt, but…
two friends of mine that hunt ducks both have Pungos. Stable boat, easy to paddle, with room in the cockpit to haul all your decoys. I think they used to make the Pungo in a camo pattern, maybe they still do? I also think Dagger has a similar boat that also comes in a camo pattern.

Personally, I think a good 14’ long, 36" beam canoe is best for duck hunting.


Camo Paint
Is there a kit or something that i could use to paint my boat? Do you think i would be able to shoot out of the boat? It is very stable. Thanks

I used to send new Scouts to the quartermaster for either camouflage or plaid paint, but it doesn’t exist. You could do your best with some black, tan and dark green to do your own pattern. If you’re good with a sewing machine, you could make a cover that you could drape over the kayak when you get to your spot.

No matter how good you’re camouflaged, you probably won’t be shooting while floating in deep water without being spotted…probably you’ll back the kayak into the marsh and set the decoys up so that you’ll be shooting no more than 20 degrees left or right of the bow.

Sorry I misread your original question earlier.

Sporting goods stores
I don’t remember if it was at Gander Mountain or some other sporting goods store, but I noticed that they had an assortment of camoflague paints. There was even a kit containing several colors of paint.

No idea if they could be applied to the polylink of your Loon though.

No Paint
What if i am leaning towards more of the sewn cover. is threr a place that i can pick upsome camo. do you know how hard it would be to sew the stuff. i would rather do that if i could. THanks for any tips.

Do a search on “camouflage material” and you’ll find a few sources. Can’t help you with the sewing.


camo cover
You can check into a camo vinal rap,I’ve seen it used on bass boats and it stays on until you want it off. Then all you have to use cloth around is you and the cockpit and you can get that stuff from cabelas.

Good luck and good hunting


Paint? use what duck hunters use -
some burlap with local vegetation stuck in it. Just roll it out when you get set up.

Thanks for all the help. If anyone has any other pointers i would love to hear them.