Ducks revenge?

They said he got one call off after phone was submerged. Lucky him.

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Flirting with death has never been more popular.

I can’t imagine hunting with a shot gun from any of my kayaks. Personally when duck hunting the kayak is for sending the kid out in to pick up the ducks cause its too cold for the dog to swim.

An hour in 40 degree water. Paddled a ten foot kayak 400 yards offshore in 2-3 foot whitecaps. No PFD. Sounds like he hung onto the capsized boat so maybe was partially out of the water. So 3 recent incidents with a lot in common (some combination of bad weather, cold water, marginal boat, overestimating one’s abilities).

Happens every winter. My former company’s CEO was duck hunting on a flooded corn field and left the blind to pick up a duck. His guide was picking up another duck in the opposite direction.
The guide found the CEO face down in the water, dead.